Hello to all


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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to introduce myself and Paisley. Just found this site and it seems really great. I am really interested in training my border collie. I have wanted one my entire life and I never could get one. I got married back in july and within 3 weeks I talked my wife into getting my buddy-boy. He is 8months old and literally goes 100mph most of the time in our 800sq foot house. I love having him but I can't imagine ever living with two.


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Welcome to DTA! Paisley...what a fantastic name. xD (Also a Brad Paisley fan. ^^) There are many other Border Collie owners here, including myself. :) Good luck with Paisley!


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Welcome, you will find this site full of information and support. Come on in and get involved. Check out the monthly challenges and the dog trick of the month. It is not too late to join them and get involved. There is also a great classroom with detailed lessons that will help to get you on the right track.
Good luck with your sweet pup and don't forget...we love pictures AND videos!


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I must admit my wife named him Paisley and I wasn't crazy about the name at first, I thought it sounded kinda girly. I was trying to name him after obscure guitarists and she said if I was naming him after a musician it would be one we both liked and We're huge Brad Paisley fans.


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you'd be surprised, two is SOO much easier than one. And after two, three is a breeze! :dogbiggrin::doghappy: