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My one-year old pup is pretty teachable, but he is also easily distracted. I have heard that once a dog reaches its emotional maturity, they can learn many new things because they can focus on the trainer better. I guess it varies from dog to dog, but I've already noticed that Brody is significantly calmer than when we got him 4-1/2 months ago. I can't wait until he's two and we can start with some of the more complicated tricks that he just hasn't the patience for right now.


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Sorry a little late in Welcoming you. Welcome to D.T.A. and I just adore Chloe, she's really beautiful:love:

Love your attitude all round, you and Chloe will go a long way together and I won't tell her she's no longer a puppy;)

You're so right, of course you can teach an 'older dog' new tricks, my boy is 13 years old and he's learning some new tricks, suitable for his physical ability. My young boy Ra Kismet, who sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge a week ago, was a Border Collie X he helped my Golden Oldie learn a lot of new tricks, they worked together on them. They're fantastic dogs, just adore BC!

Any questions just jump in and ask and of course, help anywhere you can too, love to see young people working with their dogs and spreading the word about Positive Reinforcement Training. Clickers make a HUGE difference that's for sure.(y)