Hello from Texas


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Hello all. I recently ran across this site while looking for videos to help train my service dog canidate. I look forward to learning a ton from reading everyones posts. I don't have internet access all the time so if it seems I am ignoring someone I promise I am not!

The dog I am currently working with training is a not quite 10 mth old female doberman.


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We seem to be getting a lot of members lately looking for info on training their service dog. Welcome!! Our earliest monthly challenges were service-related; you would probably find those helpful. All of the challenges are good fun though and a great way to learn how to work with your dog. There's a ton of helpful info throughout the site, and if you can't find something feel free to post your questions in the lounge. Welcome to the Academy and good luck with your Dobie!!


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Hi, welcome to the DTA :)

I train service dogs, and am happy to give you pointers if wanted. Here are a few resources from my program that you may find helpful...

Our website:
American Poodles At Work: Home Page

List of commands that we use, and description of the behavior:

Training videos (only a few so far, but will eventually include all tasks):
YouTube - AmPoodlesAtWork's Channel

Another great video resource (not affiliated):
YouTube - supernaturalbc2008's Channel



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Thank you both. I am looking around to read what has already been posted and am sure to ask questions later.

Yoyopoodle I subscribed to your youtube yesterday, thank you for the other links!


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Thank you. Yes she does have 'good bone'. She should finish close to the top of the doberman standard for a female. In the photo she was 'smiling' I'd never seen a dobe smile until I got her. I'd heard about it but never seen it lol. Oddly she seems to smile to one side more than evenly lol.

I do have to be careful with her however, she is the first dog I have ever had that would over eat if given a chance. On the bright side she is very food motivated and we have replaced her training treats for the most part with her regular food taking it from her meal total.