Hello From Germany


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my name ist Kerstin and I live with my husband, 2 dogs and a cat in a small town in Germany. I love to train tricks with my dogs and we are doing DogDance together. Find more fotos and some videos of my dogs on my homepage.

I found this forum today in the internet and I am really keen on making videos of my training for the competitions. :-)

Ciao, Kerstin & TippTappDogs


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Hi Kerstin and TippTappDogs,

you have great photos on your site. LOVE IT!

Do you use clicker training to teach your dogs?

Cheerio .. Ina


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Welcome to the DTA! You'll have alot of fun on this forum! Your dogs are adorable! Too bad I dont read German, I'd'a loved to explore your site, but the slideshow on your homepage is great!