Hello From California

lil joe

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hi my name is joe and i have 2 great dogs jinx is my 15 month old malinios and freak is my 6 y/
o hanging tree cow dog . i have been training dogs as a job for about two years and keep asking myself what took so long to realize this is my dream job . i am involved with schutzhund and psa and am interested in trick training after seeing my first trick dog at a seminar last weekend . i was amazed so i googled trick training forum and here i am i look forward to learning


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Hi and welcome. Your dogs are beautiful. I would love to own a Malinios one day they sound like fantastic dogs. I would love to see a video of you and your dog doing schutzhund. Please feel free to jump in on threads and if you have any questions we're all glad to help. Do you use a clicker, I find that it makes training a lot easier. If you don't use a clicker there is a thread about it I would be happy to post a link to it for you.


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Hi and welcome!!!!:) Your two dogs are beautiful, really looking forward to seeing a video of them both.:)


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Welcome to DTA!!!!!:) Your dogs are gorgeous!!!!!:love: If you want to know anything about trick training, we're here to help!!!! ;)