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My name is Angie and my dog's name is Jebs. :dogwub:Jebs is not a pure breed but I think he is a breed of his own. He is, in the opinion of most people a mix of Australian Blue Heeler and lab or maybe sheperd , ....or Dalmation or English Pointer. He is a black and white spotted dog! He came to me on the day my husband passed away. He was given to my son by a man who was going to take him to the pound. He said he couldn't keep him as he had enough dogs. I like to think my husband sent him by angel express. I am semi retired and now travel a lot between all our kids' homes and Jebs is a wonderful companion for me. I have not had a dog in years so I found this sight and it seemed as if it would be a good place to start learning the things I need to know so I can be a good companion for Jebs. I look forward to communicating with dog lovers everywhere.


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Hi Angie,
So glad you found this site! We have a lot fun here learning about new tricks to teach our canine friends. Check out the for a great tutorial on clicker training and shaping behavior and then come on over to the challenge forum and join in the fun of learning a new trick and posting your progress.
Be sure to keep us posted of your adventures with Jebs!

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Hi Angie! :welcome: to the Academy! Glad you found a little place in your heart just for Jebs. :D