Halloween Dogs!!?


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Aw, none of the pics are working for me. ><

Check out the headless dogman! Lol. Sorry if this one's already here!


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THEY WERE HERE!! THEY WERE!! was hilarious, too...

Aw geez........:ROFLMAO: AFTER i uploaded them, i had all these halloween dogs on MY page, which i didn't want there, so i then deleted them all OFF MY OWN PAGE, see

...guess doing that deletes them HERE too...???:msngiggle: duh.

what an idiot i am.

so any pic i want to add into a thread, must also be carried on MY own page?

But TX, i do love the headless horseman there!! Nope, didn't have THAT ONE!! BAH HAHA!! Our poor dogs, ha ha!!:msngiggle: