Gypsy and I are saying "BOW WOWS"


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BOW WOWS everyone...
Gypsy is 2 1/2 year old Boarder Collie Mix... She sorta looks like a Black Golden Retriever to tell you the truth. Though, she definitely does not favor water at all, which probably was my most surprise of all about her. She was dumped in my yard when she was about 5 weeks old. She looked like an Chow puppy, then. I was certain no one could have done that, being that it was in the middle of winter (January) in Indianapolis.... I thought little kids had gotten into her litter and was afraid to take her back.. I posted lots of notices, and to no avail... no one claimed her. I kept her 3 weeks, I had someone whom wanted to adopt her... Their 3rd day after taking on her, they did not like getting up at 5 am to take her out to go pee. When I found her I began potty training her to go outside to go potty. This is first step to become a well mannered and a desirable house pet.
Anyway, I decided to take her in, on a trail basis, she how it would work out. I shortly fell in love with her and wanted to keep her, because softy me, just didn't have the heart to take her to the pound. I wasn't looking to have a dog, but I am glad I have her in my life , she has been a wonderful companion to be around. I have tried to teach her tricks, have been pretty good at it. Have also trained her Basic Commands. Though would like to teach her more.
I thought this might be a good place to learn some cool things for us. Good pointers and new ideas I am always open to.
She does have a a very sweet, wonderful personality and is so playful, does fetch, and the tricks so well.
She is nearly perfect... One issue I do have with her is:
It does not seem like the same dog when she goes into that "Overly Protective Mode" :dogmad: Which I am fine about her letting me know someone around. But, I do not want her to be as aggressive. This is one thing, I want & need to work on with her. It has never gotten to the point of her actually biting anyone. But it seems to be a worry I do have... And too know anything that has teeth will and can bite if not worked with to detour this behavior.

I hope you all can give me some good ideas... :dogwub: I know it sounds contradictive to also in the same breathe to say what a wonderful and good dog she is... But she is... and I think other dog lovers would understand this. At least I think. :dogbiggrin: I hope. :dogunsure: I have taken the time to socialize her to people and other animals. With strangers she does go pretty crazy. Anyone have any suggestions?

I do think, she does this because, I am her only master now. My son & his family were all staying with me. They have moved and now it is only Gypsy and myself. Their dog is gone too.
Though she does have other playmates.

Got any ideas for me.

Thanks to you all in advance ... Happy Tails
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welcome aboard.. and thanks for the story... If you can interrupt her "telling you someone is here" after, say 2-3 barks, or her low growl... and get her to "do" something else - nothing too submissive, but something like come, and swing or finish near your side... she might "get" that you got her message and will take care of it.

Just a thought.

See you around the forum!


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I need to try that... I appreciate you writing me back so quickly. Gypsy does too.... lol. :dogsmile:

You have a valid, point... of the message she was good to let me know " Someone is here"... I never knew how to tell her That's good.... but enough... Stop. (Without making it sound like I was scolding her for being Good. ) lol Really, Now it makes sense to me...
Now, lets see how I do.... She is the one smart... I just need to stay on my toes.... hehehe I need to be quick...
I know this may not make sense either, I don't like to scold, but would rather train "To Do... or Not To Do..." Will use the stop command... to redirect her too. But on this case she seems to act like that means Bark more... on the case of the "someone here " ...

Yes, I want this to work for me... ty ty ty :)
I will keep you posted ....

By The way, Your picture of your babys is really cute.
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Paula -

I talk a good game, but.... I need to do the "barking" exercise myself, as in teaching my dogs to SPEAK so that I can teach them to NOT SPEAK!!


It's been 3 years and I have not "gotten around" to that one! Maybe when my sister is here, since I will need someone to ring the doorbell in order to teach the "SPEAK" part (easy) so that I can teach the "QUIET" part... I surely know that yelling at their bark is NOT helpful! hee hee.

Have a good day.


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bow wow woofs....


The art of being a skillful Doggie Mommy ... lol

You make me chuckle. I too haven't figured out how to teach Gypsy how not to bark. Although she does bark on command. I raise my hand in air... and wiggle a couple fingers.

With all ( well, about 95%) of her commands I do have her trained for voice and non verbal commands. She is pretty good. And really is better than me. Quick and egar to do so much and to PLEEEEEEASEEEEEEEEEE ya... you couldn't find many puppies out there, more ready.

I am pretty strict with her training, not in anyway of being mean, but by making sure practice time is taken. I do insist her commands are followed through and not half way, kinda... :doglaugh:

Update on her command- "Stop it - come to me - Enough Enough " (all balled into 1) I am finding this to be useful. I haven't been able to use it to much, I don't have lots of people running in and out. So I worked with her a little yesterday evening. Then this morning I tried to trick her having my nieghbor put a different perfume on... haha but her daughter (adult) is sorta stranger... Worked with me this helped ...
Gypsy did pretty good and still doesn't have a clue we are using doggie physcology on her... :dognowink: lol
The distraction worked probably the best.

I too know how important timing is also with training... So, immediate distraction had to really be worked on for this to work.

Hey, I have another one I am going to work on too. It is one I have been wanting to delvelop ... How to train... Take he very favorite toy in the world...... Play with her ... tossing it and play Fetch...

As you throw it as hard as you can farther and farther...

Command her to "Come" In the middle of running for her favorite toy.

Hey she gets extra yummy treats for adbandoning her FAVORITE TOY to Come to me.

(This is a switch to what she is used to... She tries to predict what command I am going to have her do... This is a switch - a - roo on her.... )

Several repetative exercises will definately be needed.. But think this will help us alot. thx
well I best go I have a full day ahead.

Woof woof from
Paula & Gypsy