Guess The Breed--help Please!


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My boyfriend is probably going to end up getting this dog. She currently belongs to a family member of his who is needing to rehome her. We are both trying to figure out what she is and can't quite pinpoint her breeds. These 2 dogs are littermates. The brindle one is the one who will probably end up his. :) Their current owners were told when they got them that they were Lab/Heeler mixes. :confused: Not so sure about that...and that definitely doesn't explain the brindle! :ROFLMAO:

So, info and several pictures...
They are around 1 year old.
They are roughly 40-45 pounds.
They are very high energy, though some of the pictures suggest otherwise, lol--the pictures were taken after looooots of frisbee play. :D

I haven't gotten to see her yet, just these pictures. Anybody have any input as to what she could be?



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Wow dunno Maybe lab mix. Because my brother dog is a lab mix and her ears kind of do the same thing.( mixed with floppy ears and pointy ears) I have no clue what the other dog would be.
What about a collie Lab mix


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First off, she's gorgeous!! :love: Ok, now that I have that vote in, down to business. My neighbor across the street got a new pup a couple years ago, a shorter-haired, brindle dog, much like "yours" above, and they said yes, it's a Germ Shep/Lab mix - to which I replied "are you sure" (thinking, no way!). Umm, oh yeah, one of those ... ooops, their bro's Lab got into the neighbor's yard, and the GS people were mad kinda things - hence, the search for 'puppy homes'. Both parents were really big and pure-bred, and full-grown, the 'pup' is maybe 55 lbs and brindle - and gorgeous!! Where that brindle came from, ?? Nature made it - I've seen GS/Lab mixes, and that's what they look like -- but this was a one shot deal (not a possibility of two or more dads), so nature made this brindle coat (mom is a blk/tan GS, not a blk sable) and wow, is this dog gorgeous.

So - could yours be a Lab/Heeler - my bet, yes. I love coats like that, love rubbing them up and down. Looking at the pics from Bekah and Southerngirl, I'd say Lab/Heeler is a really good possibility - and looking at the dog (from what one can tell from pics) it seems reasonable, too. And that sounds like a great mix! AND - it sounds like you have some great fun coming up, eh? :p


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Not that into Heelers, but aren't they shorthaired???
I don't know where the longer hair comes from then. I mean, the ears are feathered, bushy tail. I don't see any lab or heeler in the coat. Don't see the square head of eather of these breeds in the head.
I'm leaning towards border/lab, maybe? Borders can be brindle(not very common, so that could explain that.)

But no matter what breeds are in these dogs, I think they are stunning!! My type of dog!!!!:love:


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Yeah the long hair and the brindle colouring aren't a lab x heeler. But a GORGEOUS dog! I'd lean towards Australian Shepherd x Lab possibly (people get Aussie's mixed up with heelers all the time)


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Thanks everyone!
I have seen many many many Lab/Heeler crosses, but never any that looked like either of these dogs...but, genetics being as varied as it can be, they could very well be Lab/Heelers. But, the longer coat isn't explained by either of those breeds. And I personally don't think the head is quite right.
Sara, I did also think maybe Aussie/Lab. The black dog could pass for Aussie/Lab/and something else, and that would explain the coat length/thickness, as well as maybe the ears and head.
My bf also says that the black dog has a lot of red tinge to her coat that is not clearly visible in the pictures. Just an extra little tidbit of info. :)

Southerngirl, she does closely resemble an Azores Cattle Dog, but I think they are pretty rare...but she does look very similar to the dog in the picture you posted. :)
Jackie, I bet those were some gorgeous dogs!!
Thanks for the pictures and input everyone!! I think Tigerlily might be the only one who's got it right, lol, she's a BITSA for sure. :ROFLMAO:
Lol, darn my nerdiness...I'm off to research genotypic combinations between breeds. :p I'm curious about what breed combos can result in a brindle coat color now.


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Okay, I know this post is kinda old, but just had to toss this one out there...

First off, her name is now Harley. :)
So, a friend of mine got to see her when my boyfriend brought her down, and she thinks Chow/Aussie maybe. I think she could be on the right track! So, I went searching for this mix and other Chow mixes and found these dogs:
Aussie/Chow Mix--he's clearly bigger and thicker coated than her, but saw some resemblance that shows best from her other pictures. Not as much from her newest pictures I'll post at the end...

Another Aussie/Chow...


I had sooo many more pictures that I emailed to my boyfriend, but I can't find the email. :/ There was a Chow/Aussie mix that looked almost identical to Harley's brother, Chaos, the black dog in some of the first pictures, and lots of other pictures that closely resembled both Harley and Chaos. I do think that there is something else in these dogs too, but I think Chow/Aussie or Chow/BC could be part of it! After seeing her in person, she is much less blocky than her pictures make her look. She is also very lean. Here's a couple more pictures of her--her nose is cut off in one of them cause she moved, but still shows a good profile of her head. Lol, she loves to move right as you're taking a picture of her. :rolleyes:


Everyone got along great when she came down to meet them all! :) Her personality is very much like Zeke's, and she even has some of the same little mannerisms that he has. She's a sweetheart. :love: