Great Dane/st Brenard Jobs...


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Yeah, it was a little rough when George came home. Max was used to being the only dog and the center of attention (as most Pit Bulls like to be) so there was some tension between them but, they are joined at the hip now!!!


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GREAT PICS!! Love those dogs! way too cute, such sweeeeet faces!! I also love the one with their paws touching! cute overload!

G.Dad, if you DO want to teach a dog trick, to surprise your wife, pick one out, and we'll all secretly help you and coach you, it's easy!!! It's fun, too!! Let us know if you want any help, whatever trick you pick out, is good chance, someone around here has taught that one!:ROFLMAO:


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SO YOU want to teach the dog to hold his paw over his eyes? is that what you want??

We can help you do that!!! YESsss!!!

THIS WILL BE SO FUN!!! :D Now, will you be able to give dog a five or ten minute lesson once or twice each day, without your family noticing this?? Is your dog "clicker trained"??


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Here are some threads on ways to teach that trick:
FEEL EVER SO FREE TO POST QUESTIONS, or if you hit a roadblock (we all do now and then)

Here is one of DTA's members, "Dice" who invented her own way to teach this trick, and the others are all saying it works great:

Here are some other ways to teach the trick: (from reply #40 of thread above, but video in thread is disabled, so you have to go to youtube to see it)

and more ideas, some ppl put items on dog's nose, like post-it notes taped to dogs face above between his eyes, (plain post-it notes knock off TOO easy)
or those stretchy coil-key chains,
or a headband.
remember, keep beginner lessons short, like 5 minutes or 10 minutes, always stopping BEFORE the dogs zones out and stops paying att'n.
Keep treats small, like raisen sized or a bit bigger for your bigger dog,
cuz dogs do NOT care how big a treat is, at all, and you don't want a full or fat dog.

Just reward what you DO like, praise and treats, or click/treat if you use a clicker.
and ignore wrong moves, no scolding at all.



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and have fun thinking up funny cues!!
//"Where's the Puppy?"// is cute!! :ROFLMAO: Use only last word "puppy" for the dog's cue.

My dog has two versions of this trick,
one is "Buddy, are you shy?" which was supposed to be a holding paw over eyes, but, is really a pawing of his nose by both paws.

and second version, a prolonged holding of his one paw over his eye, is,
so no matter WHAT topic we are talking about, i can turn to buddy, and ask him, "Buddy, does Uncle Fred give you a headache?"
"Buddy, does ______(team or politician you do NOT like)___give you a headache?":D:LOL::ROFLMAO::p
**use only LAST word of the question or sentence, not entire sentence, okay? otherwise, dog does trick TOO soon, before you even finish only teach LAST word as the cue so it makes dog wait for last word of question to hold his paw on his eye. When dog hears HIS cue word, he will then do his trick right on time, perfect timing!

Someone here uses cue word "Boo!":ROFLMAO:
"Peek-a-boo", "hide", i can't even think of all the words ppl use for this trick. IT'S SUCH A CUUUTE TRICK, TOO!!
others use different's FUN to think up funny cue words for dog tricks.


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No, george isn't clicker trained, none of my dogs are. We just use alot of "good boys!" and affection. That seems to work for us. I had never heard of clicker training until I started on this forum. So I might try it out one of these days!!!


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your dog does look like that dog!!
is a good looking dog at any rate!!

does your dog howl??
mine does, but, no coyote in him, but, he loves to howl.....especially to church music that he hears on tv.


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GeorgeDad, have you played music for George?
Try some gospel music, at first, George might only bark, and keep playing it.
that's how i got Buddy to howl.
now he looooves to howl, and still, to this day, strongly prefers gospel music.

If you have a copy of the movie "Walk Like a Man" with Howie Mandell,
there is a clip in that movie,
where they are in church, singing "Onward Christian Soldiers"
and Howie begins to howl to the music,
and play that scene for George, a few times, let me know if George eventually begins to howl along.

oops. i mean Kita, not George! But who knows, George might howl along too!:ROFLMAO: