Goberian (Golden/Husky mix)


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Does anybody owned a Goberian? this the 1st time i owned one. my first dog is a pure golden retriever. she cross the rainbow bridge last holloween night. now i adopted one a mix breed. just want to know how big this is going to be. my goldie was a big dog 92 lbs.:doghuh:


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:welcome: Well, i've never owned one, but mixes are wonderful dogs!! Saw a signature around here on this website, with a quote something like, ah geez, how'd it go--something like "All breeds are great, so GET TWO!" or something like that.

Guess every dog is unique, but I'd guess this will be a good size dog though!


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Well, your in for some fun!! Its hard to say how big he'll get... Goldens do get big, but huskies, are a powerhouse in a small package... Well Siberians are anyway.


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Goldens vary greatly. My boy was 65lbs and I currently have 62 and 55 lb females. Your pup could be almost any size. Ask ur vet, he/she might have a good idea based on frame size. There are some indicators based on certain milestones and skeletal parameters that may give you a range. Many dog breeders and research now feed large breed puppies adult large breed food b/c it has a lower calcium content and a better calcium/phosphorous ratio than some large breed puppy kibbles. Most kibbles are too high in calcium according to the AAFCO (american animal feed control org).

Less calcium is generally agreed to cause slower growing stronger healthier bones. So don't add extra calcium foods to a kibble. With that in mind size may be controlled a little by a healthy balanced diet not too high in calcium. I do NOT rec feeding a low ca diet. Check with ur canine nutritionist or holistic vet before you make changes. A smaller stature lean (not thin) dog is generally healthier and lives longer.

http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+1659+1661&aid=662 AAFCO website