Foster Pup Is Coming Tomorrow!


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We are getting our first foster tomorrow! he is a 6 month old Border Collie!! He is very cute, he did go to a home but has gone back to the center as the people said he tried to "kill thier cat".... he was put in the rescue because he killed some ducks/chickens.
I'm trying to think of the things that would be the most important for him to learn and what in order. I taught Oka all random things and some times this has worked against us. First is getting him on board with the clicker, then i think:
  1. Look, Wait and Sit (asuming he doesn't know these)
  2. Lead walking (though says that he "walks well" what that means is anyones guess)
  3. Leave and Recall (nose touches/5 minute games a la Susan Garrett)
Anything else you can think of for me?
He's not interested in toys but loves people and is good with dogs. I don't know how long i'll have him for, not long i hope; as i really want a Collie - i don't want to get attached!!


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Relax and calm ... believe me, for your own sanity if nothing else ! :rolleyes:

oh and congrats - its a good thing you do !


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SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a border collie working with his instinct to "down" at a distance might be useful to anchor him - in an emergency our border collie wouldn't always recall but he'd down and wait while we ran over and grabbed him :D. I REALLY miss that instinct in Zac... :ROFLMAO:

Don't plan too much in advance. You'll KNOW what he's ready for once you are working with him.


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poor little guy :(

Good luck on fostering him...and i hope he turns out to be a good little boy :)


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Ok had him home 2 hours... He is really brilliant! Very cute! He's a little younger than I thought but that's ok. He knows his name and will sit for kibble and to greet. He plays hard but that's ok, Oka does too. finally got Oka to go to sleep, had to crate the pup so he could rest ( won't use his name so people can't google him).
saw a bit of a distance down earlier so that could be useful. I'll try to get a pic later.