First Time Training

Hayley Thompson

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baha that is too funny abby...especially since anyone who would know what a boxer and pitbull looks like would know that they dont reaaally look all that similar...its a shame what people say to sell their pups..I would by a mutt as long as he tugged on my heart strings (which wouldnt be that hard to do)


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Amazingly, these puppies didn't look like either breed ;). I am pretty sure that they were (super cute) Heinz 57's.

I LOVE mutts, but I will not pay $200 for a puppy at the local fair. (although.....he would have been the most spoiled of the litter)

Hayley Thompson

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I love love love LOVE that you just called them Heinz 57's, I didnt think anyone else used that term!!! We had a mutt growing up and thats what we would call him when people asked what he was!! He was the cutest little guy ever!
Akira is doing great so far! She can sit, come, lay down and stay. She is great with other dogs and all humans. I usually take her everywhere I can! Only problem so far is jumping up when I first walk in. Been training her off that (trying).

Training is hard in the afternoon so I tend to do it at night. She seems to have more energy then.


You said in the first ques you wrote up at the top that she has vomiting and diarrhea...these are definite signs of Parvo. If you are unsure of what Parvo is, it is a deadly disease that puppies can very easily get from one another that attacks the intestinal wall making it so they cannot absorb nutrients. We almost had to put my puppy down from it, but luckily he pulled through. I would say about half of puppies that get it will die from it, so please immediately take your Husky to the vet as these symptoms are sure symptoms of Parvo. If you want to learn more, you can just look up "parvovirus" on Google and that will probably get you some good results.
Hey guys! Long time on talk!

The training is going great right now and Akira is doing very well. She knows how to sit, lay down, stay (sort of) and leave it. She also is very obedient and submissive to me. I have a few issues I'm trying to get worked out:

I know Huskies are known for digging and this is a major problem. I am thinking of putting a section of my yard for her to dig. What do you guys think? Have any tips for this? How do I get her to stop digging in the no-no spots?

She is a really big home body and she hates going on runs / walks without another dog. She will keep turning backwards and looking back home and on the way home she will want to bolt home. Is there a way to fix this? I train to go running with her to get some energy out but she won't run until on the way home.

Lastly, she won't play fetch - she will run and get hte ball but just chew on it there. Is there a way to do it? She is kinda stubborn sometimes about being called.



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She is so cute. I have the same problem with my dog. She runs up to the ball and starts chewing it or she brings it back halfway but then drops it