dry eye


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pugzi just been to the vet because shes had an eye problem dry eye, she has eye ointment that she'll have for the rest of her life to stick in her eyes, but i was just wondering if anyone knows of anything that could also help her and her dry eye, even though shes a little pug she can be a pain to stick eyedrops in:dogtongue:, theres nothing to hold onto her lol

but if anyone has suggestions if there something we could change in her diet or just home remedies aswell or anything really



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get her to drink more water by adding a little meat broth to it

add some healthy fats to their diet. omega 3,6,9 fatty acids are the best. wild caught salmon oil, cod oil, and flax oil are all good choices (some dogs have tummy upset with flax to watch if you try.

The only other thing that comes to mind is what I take for dry eye called restasis and it helps you make more of your own tears. unf it's human med and probably expensive if you don't have insurance. it's still drops though. my docs all told me to get a humidifier, it will really help their eyes and is at least cost effective.

I suggest you combine the drops with a big massage, relaxation, and treats and make it fun and pleasant. maybe some super good treats they don't get any other time. warm the drops in your pocket or hand while massaging and they won't feel it hit their eye as much. Also if you gently shake the dog by scratching an ear of such it really throws all the feeling senses off a little while being pleasurable. I do this for shots and they never feel it.

Other than surgery for a very severe case there's not a lot you my just have to deal with a breeds protruding eye problem. Hope things get better.


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thanks for all the advice, ill be trying some out, we actally have a dehumidifer so i might be plugging it in again, and trying the oil idea, shes drinks heaps of water already, shes an old pug about 13years, she had a bad start to life before being rescued by brenda (who gave her to us), she cant go under for an operation, (shes needs one for her teeth also) but she'd die as her larnyx is closing over with scar tissue due to her breathing (pugs are def not designed right) and shes just to old, but shes happy living out the rest of her life with us for now, but all those old age illnesses are catching up to her now