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Hunter shoots and kills family
LOWELL, Mass. -- A local dog owner is devastated after her dog was shot and killed.
Michelle Verville was walking her dog, Smokey, in the Lowell-Dracut State Forest last week when she heard a gun shot. Smokey, a 4-year-old Labrador retriever, yelped and Verville noticed that her dog had been shot in the stomach.
"I just stayed there with him and told him that it was ok, and that we loved him and that he was a good dog, and then he passed," Verville said.
it is legal to hunt for deer in State parks from Nov. 26 to Dec. 8.
According to Verville, shortly after Smokey was shot a hunter came out of the woods, where it is legal to hunt for deer in State Parks from Nov. 26 to Dec. 8. The man claimed that he did not shoot the dog and left without trying to help the fatally injured canine.
State Environmental Police are investigating the incident.

Jean Cote

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Yeah Okay.. The guy mistakenly took a dog for a deer... I don't take that for a second.

If she was walking her dog, she might of been shot herself. And I highly doubt anyone would be walking in the forest during deer hunting season without a fluorescent vest on.


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When I was horse riding, once we went to the countryside, for a little practice on rough terrain for the horses (I don't know if this made sense, I could only explain it really good in Hungarian...). We crossed a field, and suddenly a man came with a dog, and shot one of the horses. The horse died immediately. Luckily the rider could jump off her in time...
He didn't run away or anything, he just shot the horse. We were mad, and shoutind at him, and when we asked him why did he do this, he said the horses scared his dog.

He got into prison for 6 years.

Topic derailed. Sorry....:doghappy: