Dog Chair


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Well I couldn't make a video, but didn't want to miss out completely, so here are some pictures :) nothing special..... it's really quite hard to take pictures while asking Evie to do a trick lol... especially when the trick doesnt have a verbal cue, only a hand signal :rolleyes: and my phone has a terrible delay lol

This last picture she was halfway through going up into the 'beg' or 'sit pretty' position.... only my camera isn't great at taking the picture when i want it

I'll try and do a video of more interesting things on thursday when I have my day off :)

Oh and btw, Laika is just SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! You're doing such a great job with her :D


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Fabulous Dogster, just LOVE Shivon's pray, too cute(y):love: Asking partner to vid this afternoon, perfect weather, so hopefully I will not get the 'tomorrow' answer but a yes!


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Great Job Dogster.
I'll hopefully have found my cord so that I can upload the video tomorrow.
Hope you find your cable Southerngirl, I always keep mine in the front pocket of the camera case and wow betide anyone who uses it and doesn't put it back IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Fabulous vid!!!!!!!! Kodi's a smart chappy:love:(y) Love his prayer. How do you all get such a looooooooong prayer?

Having the same problem with vid editor, just finished editing Ra Kismet's vid it's now 2.21.a.m. :rolleyes: Uploading tomorrow to YouTube and DTA, takes forever to upload to YouTube and I'm tired:coffee: