Dna Results In!


Hey everyone! It was definitely a while back, but I posted about my dogs being an unknown breed, mutt, mixed breed, mongrel, Heinz 57... whatever you want to call it - we had no idea what breeds they had in them. Well, we finally broke the bank and did the Dog DNA Testing from Wisdom Panel (http://www.wisdompanel.com/) and after about 2 weeks, got our results back. Here's what the process was like!

We finally got the swabs in the mail, and now we can collect our data. If we had multiple dogs, we needed the dogs separated from eachother for 24 hours... (so saliva won't mix) but in our situation, that was kind of impossible. Instead, we just brushed their teeth. The brushing process was normal. After that, we swabbed their saliva just on the inside of their cheek. The swab looked almost like a mascara wand, and you had to turn it for 30 seconds in the dog's mouth. After we did that for both Porter and Boo, we were able to let them air dry and send them off into the mail!

Believe it or not, the waiting wasn't that bad, because my life is so busy, so I didn't really have time to think about it a whole lot, but it was in the back of my mind! And, then, finally, we got the results!

Yes! We've gotten the results in the mail... it was so neat! The breeds that they concluded from the DNA that was studied were "(breed) Mix" on some of them, and then on the next sheet it gave us a percentage of which breed they thought have contributed to the mix part. Overall, it was surprisingly very detailed.

Before we did the DNA testing, we thought Porter was a Border Terrier mix and thought Boo was an Australian Shepherd/Lab (or something along those lines...none of us were really extremely sure). But here is what Wisdom Panel told us!

The top is Porter and the bottom is Boo. According to Wisdom Panel...

PORTER= Chinese Crested/American Staffordshire Terrier!

BOO= Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler!

We can definitely see some CC in Porter - his belly is spotted and light on the fur, and his feet are very tufty (if that's a word!). His "bangs" are also features of the CC. He has the personality of a Pitbull!



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That is so cool it's always nice to know what breed or breeds you dogs are. I would love to know what breed my mutt is I just don't have the money right now for the test but I will certainly do it when I get the money.


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I dont want to burst your bubble, but I would take that with a grain of salt. Porter has a wire coat, neither the CC or the Amstaff carry wire. My Oliver has bangs, and he's a terrier, my Lhasa Apso x Bichon has bangs, Scout, my terrier mix has bangs, my sister's Westie has bangs, Benji our terrier mix of old had bangs, my Dachshunds have spotted bellies, my Springer x Cocker had a spotted belly, my Sister's Westie has a spotted belly... see where this is going?

The fact that he has a wire coat means he has to have a breed in him passing on the trait, you cannot get a wire from a short coat x'd with a long coat (which is what the CC is)

A friend of mine did this with a known mix (Retreiver x Border Collie), she sent it off to 4 different labs, they all came back with completely different breeds, and NONE had BC and only one said GR (that was the one that asked for a pic to be sent in as well). one said Beagle, weimaraner, and GSD??? ummmm ok?

I really dont believe in this at all.


I forgot to put this in the blog post, but it said that Porter's grandparents was a CC and Amstaff. Somewhere in that lineage there was probably another terrier that had wire hair thrown into the mix.

All I'm saying is that I spent a good deal of money on these tests, and I would like to believe what Wisdom Panel told me.

We all have our opinions on things, so this is mine.


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Do google
"dog dna scam" ........tons of articles on this topic.

My neighbor also did this, and i did rofl when i read the report. OKay, i didn't really rofl, out of politeness, as the poor woman had already spent the money. but the list looked nothing like her dog, who has a very unique tail which is curled super tightly up on his back,
and not one curly-tailed breed was listed.
Also, her dog has the athletic shape of a sighthound, and chunky dogs were listed as her dogs "breeds". Also, her dog has short smooth coat, and all the breeds they sent her has long long hair.
still, she thinks her dog, who looks to me like a greyhound with some curly tailed breed mixed in, is an english sheepdog mix now. (facepalm)

I'm with Sara on this, it is really high chance it is a scam.
If i had no morals, i could buy a bunch of q-tips with containers,
set up an official looking website,
and offer to do this myself.
I'd take your qtip, wait a month, and write you back. If you include your email address, i might be able to see if i could spot a pic of your dog anywhere, to help my "answer".

I'd set up accounts to post rave reviews of my own site, make look all very official, and pay this month's mortgage payment soon enough...

but, i just couldn't do this to well-meaning dog lovers, or any person at all, really. If anyone does want to send these scheisters their cash, USE PAYPAL, not a check, not your Visa,
to reduce chances of ID theft, as well.

And like Running Dog points out, it's probably more fun to wonder.