Diy Projects!


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I like this thread!!
I am no good with a sewing machine, I do have a very old one. But seeing that denim leash, makes me want to try again:D
I mak my own fleece tugs. And made a fleece leash for agility, but Jinx pulls a lot, so the leash stretched to twice it's size, even though I braided it real tight:rolleyes:
This one has a loop so it is easy to hold on to. Jinx relly likes this one. I have one in blue that is a bit shorter, that I use for agility.

The following picture shows the set I made. Not a big succes:D

This is the three way tug


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K9 Crazed LOVED the collar and bracelet very tres chic:love:

Gracegeorgina, LOVED the sweaters, they do like look shop bought ones, you have a a real talent!:love:

Squggle, thank you for the video, always wanted to know how to do that braiding. Plus, we go through tug toys like there's no tomorrow, and they're so easy to make - once you know how!:D

The jeans leads look great too! Boy once I've finished my current project, will have to start working on all these doggy ones!


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I'd love to know how you made the Teeter Totter, or at least detailed pictures and dimensions!

I love the Dog Silhoettes! And the Collar/Leashes. I hope I can make some for the dogs for Christmas!


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I used this plan to build it. Except I primed the board first. It was a lot of fun to make it!!!!!!!:)
Thank you Dogcrazy. It looks like fun to build, such easy instructions.(y) And I think I've already got enough outside paint too.!(y)
Plus you've solved my 'what to buy the boys, well Ra Kismet anyway, for Christmas" problem.:LOL:(y) Ra Kismet will just LOVE it though I doubt Zeus will try.

Adrianna & Calvin

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I made shrinky dink dog tags, and unfortunately found that they didn't hold up :-( They get very hard with baking, but couldn't hold up on the dog (or cat's) collar--the tags all broke within a few weeks.
Thanks for the warning, I was going to try them out!!!!!!:)