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Hi, we're new and still trying to navigate through all the wonderful information on this site.

Darby is a 9 mo. female rescue from Alabama. Her whole litter was pulled out of a high-kill shelter and fostered there. She and her litter were pre-adopted and transported up to Vermont. We were told she was a Keeshond/Spaniel mix - not at all. We think (based on physical traits and behaviors) that she is a Golden Retriever (or possibly NS Duck Toller) mixed with some sort of Collie. She's blond, 35lbs, has ears that crimp when wet, webbed feet, a blue spotted tongue, but she doesn't herd or retrieve:) in anycase, she is a sweet, smart and loving dog and regardless of what breeds she is, we know we lucked out with her.

She knows her basics (sit, down, stay, come, heel, paw, twirl). Less basic tricks she knows are Group Hug and Find Mommy/Daddy (most she can do with handsigns alone) and I've just taught her 'Stop, Drop & Roll' (we had fire safety in my school last week). We're looking to expand her vocabulary with more interesting and unique tricks and help her work through some behavioral issues. She is very nervous in new situations:dogohmy: (yes, we did socialize her early and she was fine/brave as a pup, but...). She has already come along way through patience practice and with the advice from other dog owners. Thanks all in advance and I hope I can be helpful/supportive of others as well.:dogtongue2:


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How great for you to rescue this wonderful smart dog. Goldens actually commonly have black/blue spots on their tongues so you could be right. Much welcome and just dig in and have fun with your sweetie. :dogbiggrin: