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I'm trying to get my puppy used to her new slicker brush and wondered if there are any tips?
I know the basics like making it enjoyable and what not but the problem i seem to be having is she either thinks its another toy to be chewed or walks off (even when i'm treating her) I'm not sure if it might be pulling her fur and she doesn't like it (she was always an outside pup and not sure if she's been groomed at all so i think there are a few tangles) but i'm taking it slow and gentle.

Any tips on how to make her settle down a bit more rather than getting excited about it or walking away?


Adrianna & Calvin

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Hi there.

If she's as young as she appears to be in your photo, I'd say getting a few strokes of the brush in at her age is a good accomplishment. It's like trying to comb out a 2 year old human's hair -- there is no attention span and little tolerance for discomfort.

I would cut out the tangles, if there are any bad ones -- just have someone hold her for safety's sake and quickly snip them off. If she is matted, with mats close to the skin, then I'd take her to the vet or a very trusted groomer and ask advice. It doesn't sound like that's the case though. If you are just trying to get her used to the brushing, use some peanut butter on a spoon or on a cleanable surface like the fridge door, and get a few strokes in while she licks the peanut butter smear.

If you're concerned that the brushing is physically uncomfortable because of the slicker pins, then why not start with a curry brush? Get her used to the practice of being brushed before you introduce the uncomfortable part of it. Again, though, I'd just get a few brushstrokes in and give her a break, if she's quite young, as "standing still" by itself is a big deal for these wee ones.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you, I hadn't thought about the peanut butter (we don't generally have it but i'm sure anything good and sticky will work)

She's only 7 & 1/2 weeks and she's not as tangled as I may of made out but every so often i will catch one unexpectedly (no matter how gently i brush) and she'll show that it was uncomfortable. so maybe i'm expecting to much of both of us.


Hi she looks lovely so pretty. Try a baby hair brush bristles much softer. As you know I am getting a BC pup next year. Seems a lot of breeders rear pups outdoors. How has your one settled with now being indoors? This is something I need to think about. Ta.


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Hiya. I have a Poodle so you imagine the work I have with his coat. When he was a baby I used a clicker that I'd already charged him with (if you don't know about clicker training, there are lots of great resources on the net if you google it) and clicked/treated for ever stroke of the brush I managed. To start with I did just one stroke but did it a few times a day, gradually building up to a full groom. I also used a detangle spray which helped considerably (available on eBay). It didn't take long once he learned to trust that I wasn't going to hurt him and was soon getting himself in position for a groom once he saw the brush come out.


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I agree with Dioritt thats what I did with my puppy. He loves being brushed now. Now that he is bigger (6 months) he doesn't want to sit still for me to groom him, so I do what Adrianna & Calvin said with the peanut butter. Either way he now looks at grooming time as snack time, and enjoys being brushed.


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I agree with the above posts. Just take it one brush stroke at a time, reward, and use the detangle spray, it's awesome. He's very young though and as others have said, just standing still for one second is a big ask. Puppies have VERY short attention spans.