Crate Training

Sammie Dunn

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So, my puppy has to be in cage almost 24/7 due to an injury however when he cannot see you, he cries, howls and has even started to bark.

He is only 15 and a half weeks old so I understand that the cage is scary for him. I have tried staying in his eye sight at all times. I've even moved my computer desk into the bedroom where his cage is. But no matter what he won't stop. He will stop when he is sleeping or when my partner comes home but not when I'm around.

I don't give him any attention when he cries, howls or barks. I wait till he is quiet and then go over to him but how can I stop this. I live in a flat and it is not ideal to have a dog barking and howling.

Please help me get some ideas as ways to stop this. I have tried giving him toys and bones to keep him occupied but it isn't working. :/ I hate to hear him cry, howl and bark.


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Aw geez, you poor poor thing, and your poor puppy. I, too, would find this so so heartbreaking and hard to stand. I don't have any advice, really, but, stand by, someone smarter than me will be by, i just wanted to tell you, i'm rooting for you, and i feel bad for you. What you describe is a very very tough situation, i have no experience with it, but, please keep your chin up, and hang in there, hopefully, this will be over soon.

I can offer some ideas, which probably you've already tried.

Teach tricks that do not involve movements. Trick training can help wear a dog out. But, being he is an infant dog, that limits you a bit.

If it is allowed, can you have a sling, to carry pup around with you? Or probably too dangerous, he might fall out of it...
Provide puzzles:

I also use plastic water bottles, put treats inside, and cut holes, and this keeps Buddy busy now and then on rainy days, BUT my dog does NOT eat plastic, and some dogs do.

I also buy CLOTH BOOKS intended for infants, and put peanut butter dabs between each page, and he has to work just a bit to get to all the peanut butter.


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You might try using "calming signals". I think you might have to use a variety of approaches and solutions, since this is a 24/7 issue for you both right now.
Learning these "calming signals", on advice from Tx,
has helped my dog with his dog agression, i've got a few miracles to report. I use the slow blink, and the yawn: (no, it probably won't work for 24/7 relief, but, worth a try now and then)

Sammie Dunn

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Thanks for all of that. I will try it all and see what works best. He is absolutly fine when my partner is in but its when it's just us that there is the problem. My mum says maybe he just misses James but I don't think it's that. I think he doesn't do it when James is here because he knows that James is the Man of the House. x


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that is interesting....i'm not sure what that is, also, it might be, hearing you two talk back and forth is calming to him? or entertaining to him?
if only James is home, does Coco cry in his cage?
My dog is so funny, he is Daddy's boy, 100% til about 2 or 3pm....
and then,
every day,
like clock work,
he becomes Mommy's boy for rest of day.

the reason is,
Craig does morning walk, and most of his activity and errands, with Buddy in tow, in morning. Takes Buddy all kinds of places in morning.

About 2pm, i train Buddy, and he gets walks from me at about 4pm, and 8pm, and i take him places in afternoons, and i give him his evening meal.

but, wow, if i want Buddy before 2pm, ha ha, i have to work a bit! LIke i just brushed his fur, and whole time, he had his eyes on Daddy, wondering if Daddy was going some place, he wanted to be ready to go, too!! ha ha!
and after 2pm, it's harder for Craig to "get him", Buddy follows ME around THEN. Guess we have joint custody, ha ha!!