Crate Problems


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My dog will actually go after me when I try to close the door to her crate. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and what did they do about it? I would like be able to close the door on her without her reacting so to it. She likes going into her crate as long as the door isn't closed.
thank you. debby and belle


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hee hee, there is something kind of cute to me, about what your dog is doing, but, i am sure it is not cute TO YOU!! Sorry, just had to say that, seems a very smart dog!! hee hee.

Here is a "Crate Training" video from Kikopup, i hope it gives you ideas on this. She is actually using a purse for much of the video, but, says the same ideas can also be used on a crate training, too. You *might* have to start all over, as if your dog is seeing the crate for first time, not sure.

and here is another video, not sure if this one will help you or not, on "stopping unwanted behaviors", which might not apply to what you are working on at all, but anyway, here it is:



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also, so so sooooooooo many ppl use their crates
which totally ruins using a crate for other reasons.

If you are doing that, you have to find another way to 'time out' your dog. (i never do that, i don't know one thing about it)
Anyone using crates as PUNISHMENT *will* have trouble using crate for other purposes....yet, this is SOOOOOOoooo often done.

might not apply to you and your dog, Tugid, i just thought i'd throw that remark in there, in case anyone else reading along, is crating their dog AS PUNISHMENT.


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It sounds like you mean she goes after you/your hand aggressively when you try to close it - is that what you mean? Or do you mean she just tries to get out? Or? Not exactly sure what you mean.

But - I'll just jump in with a suggestion, or ideas. First, could it be that when she just goes in on her own with the door open, she's just going in to relax, knowing that she can go out, but when you put her in and that door goes closed, she more or less feels trapped and bored? Some dogs do better in crates than others do. I have two German Shepherds, one is fine in a crate, the other absolutely hates them - it's just the way it is, so I don't ask him to use one, it's just too much stress for him. Did you give your girl time to adjust to the crate with the door closed in short increments and things to do in there? All things to consider. Has she ever been put in her crate (with the door closed) when being punished? Some dogs do well in crates, some don't - all things to think about. Some dogs get used to them really quickly, some need to get used to them very slowly with patient training.

When you want her in the crate with the door closed, do you give her something to occupy her time while she's in there? Maybe a kong stuffed with some favorite treats and peanut butter or cheese, then frozen, so she has something to do? That way, she just doesn't see it as maybe some sort of punishment or a time when she's just bored out of her mind. You didn't give a lot of info, so not really sure what your situation is.

Make her crate someplace she really feels comfortable in, and looks forward to being in. When you ask her to go in, give her something special for going in (when you're closing that door) - a great stuffed kong, a bully stick, a great chew, something really terrific!! - so by going in that crate with the door closed she knows she'll be rewarded (and her time will be occupied). And close the door quietly and with praise.

For right now, because you have 'crate door issues', I'd start very slowly and do training sessions. Get some great treats, really high value - maybe some great chicken, hot dogs, beef, something really really good and ask her to go in the crate, and maybe ask for a 'down', then WAIT (or whatever your word is), then close the door, then open the door. GOOD GIRL!!! and treat!! Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Session over. And keep working at that. And keep increasing the time the door is closed - make the door closed 2 seconds, open, treat. WAIT 5 seconds closed, treat. 2 seconds closed, treat. 10 seconds closed, treat. 4 seconds closed, treat. 17 seconds closed, treat. 5 seconds closed, treat. You get the idea. Let her calm down and get out of the habit of reacting to the closing door - and let her start a new habit. Go in the crate, and get treated for it - AND, get something really really special for doing it (that she gets no other time). Make that crate someplace incredible!! Over time (hopefully) she'll see the crate as someplace she enjoys being, and someplace she can feel comfortable in, and a place she'll see as another resting/napping place.

Remember tho - right now, you know what's coming, so you get stressed, so she feels stressed - and it's just all not good. Start slowly, you both need to change your minds about her crate. Be patient, go slow - smile, deep breath, go get some treats, it's gonna be ok. Exhale. :) Good luck!!!