Couple Vids Of Tempest In Class Lastnight.


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Some 2x2 weave videos, she is up to 6 poles and we just started adding a jump:

I tried 12 for the heck of it and she did them all!!

Our second full run of the night, first one was bad. I forgot I was working with a baby dog and didnt stop her enough so we were all over the place. LOL

Overall she is doing awesome at this point in her training, we are going to a trial the day after her 15 month B-Day so she will be measured then. Her first trial is going to be our club Spring trial in MArch or April. Should be a lot of fun!


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She's looking really good.

You can compete at 15 months?
Here you can't compete until 18 months and the dog has to be measured twice, once at 18 months and then again at two years to get the final height. The dogs arent even allowed to go over full height jumps or do 12 weaves until 16 months.


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She's doing great! Congrats to both of you! The weaving is looking really good! She is definitely going to be fast! :)