Could These Be Lick Granulomas? What Would Help?


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Hey all.. I'm hoping I can get a bit of insight into what is going on with my two girls and their sore looking legs. Both have sores that they have been licking excessively over the past few weeks, and after a bit of online research (I know, not the best source), I'm wondering if it might be lick granulomas.

The first appeared on my 5 year old tripod female Lego - she is a hind end amputee and hers is the picture of the red/white leg. From what I can tell she got a cut on the joint of her front wrist while running around on my boyfriend's farm and over a month later it still hasn't healed. I noticed her licking and chewing at it a lot, so I'm sure that hasn't helped. Now it's a hairless, scarred looking spot on her leg, and it appears to be a bit swollen. At the moment she is on crate rest and has her leg wrapped to keep her from aggravating it further.

Then just about a week or two ago my other girl Streets (see photos with the black leg), came home with the tiniest scrape on her leg which barely broke the skin. I made a mental note to keep track of it and then a couple days later she went walking by me and I saw a flaming red circular mark on her back leg. It got quite swollen and seemed to have a bit of fluid build up under the skin for about a day or two, and now the swelling has gone down and the raw skin is starting to get rough and almost scab like, so I'm taking that as a sign that it's healing. The scab/lesion itself protrudes from her leg a bit though. The first picture is of what it looked like raw and the second was taken yesterday. She too is on crate rest and has her leg bandaged to prevent further licking.

Anyone have an idea as to what might be going on? Is there anything I can do to help it? I'd like to avoid a vet trip if possible obviously but if that's the general consensus then I will get them both in as soon as possible. Both girls are rough and tumbly bully breeds, and are always crashing through the woods and getting little nicks and scratches here and there so I didn't think much of it until they started to swell up and refused to go away. Any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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I don't think they are - just looking at pictures of lick granulomas online they don't look the same at all.
They are very circular. My first instinct is ringworm (but I think it should be more flaky/scaly, but maybe that is the skin you describe as starting to get rough?) or tick bite.

Okay... I googled I'm going with ringworm, look at these pictures. You can see the ring starting to form in your dogs as the fur starts to regrow in the centre.

Easy for your dogs to catch that with the wonderful lifestyle they lead!