CM's Daily Poll: Do you allow your dog to...


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For me, it's one of the worst things we do to our dogs, but I appreciate that others don't mind it -- feeding your dog from your plate, or from the dining table.

I think it creates dogs that constantly beg, but what about you?


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When we got our first dog, Hubby and I agreed on a bunch of house rules, including no dogs on the furniture, no dogs in bed, and no feeding from the table. We've broken every rule except for this one. I hate it when dogs beg at the table, and so although our dogs do sometimes get table scraps, they go in a dog dish onto the floor in the kitchen.

Our dogs now just sit quietly a couple of feet away from the table and watch us very intently. As soon as one of us gets up for any reason, they race for the kitchen. (even if that's not where we're going)

Jean Cote

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Feeding your dog while you are eating is a recipe for disaster - your dog will annoy you for the rest of his life. No joke!