Circle Backwards


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Yep she done great, suprised how fast she caught on for her first go. :) probably all the backwards tricks I have been teaching and am teaching lately


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GREAT JOB TIF AND BELLA!!!! She`s a smart one eh (question mark, but my keyboard isn`t working properly):D I will teach this to Shivon as soom as I am done backwards weaving.:LOL: 3 more tricks to teach until my next vid!!!


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I actually have to really MAKE this list... Put tricks down on paper. Now I'm just being chaotic... I see a trick, like the "help me up" and focus on that one. Untill I see another, that I want to teach... So now I'm stuck with a whole lot of half thaught tricks, all in the luring fase...
Wish there was a quick way to program a dog in doing a trick:ROFLMAO::rolleyes:, because I want it all NOW!!
Ugh I'm being wayyy too impatient:oops::rolleyes::LOL: adding to that, having soo little time to do the training I want, at the moment.


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Lol Anneke, I actually have a list....... and I STILL find myself getting halfway through tricks before I see a new one i want to try.....

I'd like to try this one too..... butttttttttttttttttttttt not just yet, got too many others :p


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Oliver does this trick... I dont think I had to teach him it... I taught him to do a backwards figure 8, and this one happened at the same time! LOL Oliver has many tricks that I didn't have to teach him, he just offered the behaviour. Like crawling backwards... he learned that ALL on his own LOL

Oliver likes backwards tricks better than frontwards tricks... He has the backwards weave and figure 8 down pat... but I haven't been able to get him to do the frontwards one yet! LOL