Border Collie - Chip


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Thought I should introduce myself as I have visited the site many many times and found it really really helpful. I have a border collie called Chip - born last March. We are all trying to teach him tricks - he knows: sit, down, stay, bow, speak, roll over, head down, and are currently teaching him to 'play dead'. He also loves to play 'hide and seek' with toys, treats and myself. Its our first dog, the children are 20 and 24! Why didn't we have one sooner? He sits on the window seat waiting for us to come home some days... so sweet! I could go on and on but I'll stop for now and try and keep you posted if he learns any really cool tricks apart from bow which is my favourite! Once again brilliant site. Well done!
Tina (South Wales - UK)


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Sounds to me like you've found a new love of your life. :)

Enjoy the training and the website.


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Goodness, another Border Collie owner! Great work with your dog, and keep it up! Have fun and good luck to the both of you. =) Welcome to DTA!