"Better go now" (Poop on command)


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"Better Go Now"

Better go now is a phrase that you can use to get your dog or puppy to go to the bathroom when and where you want him to. It's easy to teach him, but some dogs take longer than others to understand.

As with all training, try to be patient, positive, and consistent. Begin by taking your dog to a place that you would like him to go. This should be a positive experience for both of you and your dog should be rewarded with praise, treats, or both


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This was one of the most useful things I taught my dog when she was a puppy! Made travelling in the car A LOT easier since I knew her bladder was empty before we got in the car.

Whenever she would "go", I would tell her "go pee" and then give her lots of praise when she was finished. It only took a few times and still responds to the command four and half years later.

Jean Cote

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I did this with "Duties" command, works very well. Best way to train it is to say the word or command "Duties!" while the dog is urinating, then once the dog is done releasing himself, you say 'Yes!' or any marker signal (clicking your clicker will also work) then give the dog a treat. You want to make sure that you click once the dog is done though, as you don't want to interrupt the urinating process.