Any Thoughts Or Opinions On These Dog Foods?


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ya eh.. lol its nice and warm down here in Texas dogster. Where in ontario are you? I spent a lot of time in Canada camping as a kid. I grew up in the Detroit area.

I love it down here tho. I leave 30 minutes from the gulf and take levi to the beach often. He loves to chase the waves and run in the sand. Plus my folks live on a lake and right outside the Sam Houston National Forest so as long as its not hunting season we hike in the forest. Fishing on the lake and in the bay is fun too.


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//Tigerlily - I saw your liver treat posting. What a great idea. love the veggies in there. I's definitely gonna try those. after you cook them, are they soft or crunchy?//

Well, my Liver Cookies are pretty similar to meatloaf/hamburgery, only drier. (varies a bit, depending on how well i drain it all, and how long i cook it)

If you make them large enough, they are softer in the middle, but it's kinda hard to make them "crunchy" that hardly ever happens ---------more chewy is what they are.
HOPE YOU DO TRY A BATCH, :D my dog LOVES 'em. Plus, it's so fun to let them lick the beaters an the bowls. :ROFLMAO:

Only takes as long to make as batch of cookies, but 1 batch can last a long time, if you break up each cookie into bits for tricks training.

Re: brewer's YEAST, yes, i meant brewer's yeast, i know brewers rice is like peanut shells.
but i have read some stuff against brewers yeast, (is a filler, might cause itching/allergies, gas/leads to bloat/ esp if "low quality" brewer's yeast.)
BUT it's also promoted as good thing, when it is "nutritional" yeast, which can also be labelled as brewer's yeast, too. (?):confused:

Some ppl swear by it, for fleas, others say no, don't do it.
There's some conflicting info---------- some ppl sell bottles of it and say it is good for dogs, other dog food rating sites say not so much.

but, if someone's dog is doing great on it, there ya go.:D

Brewers Rice or Brewers Yeast:

At first, a person may look at the word "brewer" here and be reminded of a person who makes alcohol. Well, there's a good reason for that, because that's exactly what these ingredients are. They happen to be the leftovers from the alcohol-making process, which is bought very cheaply by the pet food companies. It's devoid of nutritional value, being as how it's been absolutely used up by the time it's used in the food. It's just a filler.

HERE is another one.

Grain Fermentation Solubles
AAFCO: The dried material resulting from drying the water soluble materials after separation of suspended solids from grain fermentation.
An inexpensive byproduct of human food and beverage production which adds little or no nutritional value to pet foods.
A brewery byproduct much like "grain fermentation solubles", with some maltodextrin from malted barley. Better suited for use in short term feeding like e.g. livestock than as an ingredient in pet food.

so who knows? but, if someone's dog is doing fine on it, no worry. And they actually even sell the high quality "nutritonal" yeast in pill form. so who knows?


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Yuk.:sick: I have had mixed results from searching brewer's yeast on the internet. Sometimes it's good, other times, not so much. (Tigerlily's post above) I try to avoid it in foods anyways (my dog may be allergic to it)


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I live in Toronto and GTA. It's really close to the US.(y) The beaches in Toronto (closest to us) are disgusting.:sick: That's why I have to wait 'till summertime to go anywhere decent (up north). And I need to "teach" Shivon how to swim.
(Love the quote, by the way!!!!:LOL:)


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LOl thanks, That's one of my favorite quotes.
I never got a chance to visit toronto. I heard its a very fun city. The beaches in galveston are ok. The water is murky so its not like the Florida's side of the gulf, but Levi loves loves LOVES chasing the waves. He is terrified of swimming pools but he loves the beach. I like taking him to the beach because he can run and run and run in this Texas heat and not get over heated cuz the water helps keep him cool. Plus after we are done getting wet and sandy we can take a nice walk on the paved seawall and dry off before getting back in the car. I love his coat cuz he can roll in mud or sand or anything and once he dries it just all falls right off and walla clean doggy.

Here's a pic of Levi at the beach...before he dried off lol
beach levi.JPG


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Shivon is the opposite. She will swim in pools, but the movement of the water and waves in lakes, beaches, etc. freak her out.:rolleyes: I have considered swimming lessons...O_o:ROFLMAO: When I was getting a dog, I hoped that he/she would be a dog that LOVED to swim....:rolleyes: Oh well...


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Just tried the Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice.
Doom loved it. And I don't know if it is my imagination but I think he seems livelier.
He better be for the cost I am paying out for it.

Anyway, I decided to try a few of the ones on the Top 5 Dog Food list over the next year, and see if one seems better than the other. Plus I think I am going to read up a lot more on all the info so I am better informed.

I did think I would buy Blue Buffalo again.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I learned alot.

Now if anyone could make it easy for me to feed myself well. I get so lazy about food and just know I eat so much junk.



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Blue Buffalo is top dog food, but, it's worth bearing in mind, BB has several "lines" of dog food, and several of their lines are only 4-star dog foods, not 5-star dog foods. The Blue Buffalo "Longevity" line, and the "Life Protection" line, their "Basics" line, and several of their other lines, are all only 4-star.

so is the brand i feed, "chicken soup for the dog lover's soul", (4 star) which only costs about 1/2 to 1/3 of what BB costs. (some sites do rate CS as 5-star, though)

BB costs $19 for 6 lb bag, or $32 for 15 lbs!!!! :eek: or even more for some lines,:eek:
vs. $36 for 30 lb bag of "Chicken soup".:D and chicken soup lists 4 meat products at top of list (hard to find). and "chicken soup" does not have the recall problems, either.

BB is a great dog food, if you have smaller dogs who won't eat $uch large of amount$,
or if you can afford to pay that! (i can't many of the top dog foods, but i can afford to add meat to his every bowl, and occasionally, he gets a pure meat meal now and then, if we have plenty. )


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lol, Kat, i so hear you, i also go through phases where i am sloppy about MY nutrition, but i worry so much more about my dog's nutrition!!:ROFLMAO:


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i am a budget-master nowadays!! if i was still rich, it probably wouldn't cross my mind to try to figure out a more economical way to feed my dog just as well.

Prices used to mean not that much to me......but those days are gone. If i liked something, i bought it, and that was that! So what if i could get same quality for less, i might not bother back when i had money coming out of my ears way back when.

and lol, now that i DO have to budget, well now i sort of think that "everyone" watches their budget, too!! lol.:ROFLMAO:


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lol, if it was the other way around-----if Blue Buffalo costs half of what chicken soup costs, i'd probably be encouraging ppl to check out THAT dog food, despite the recalls, etc, :ROFLMAO: since most BB lines are very equal to CS dog food, and some BB lines are slightly less quality than CS is.

Or, if my dog COULD tolerate tons of potatoes in "grain free":rolleyes: dog foods without getting gas:sick: , and IF those cost 1/2 or 1/3 of what CS costs, lol, i'd probably be urging others to check out the dog foods which have "potatoes instead of oats".

As if one is markedly different on a nutritional level, than the other--(potatoes /vs/ oats or rice)

but, Petsmart and some other pet food stores do not usually carry CS dog food, it can be harder to find.


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I've started to feed Paris K9 Natural, the frozen one. It's raw food and I think it looks good but I was wondering if anyone here, with more experience, can spot any problems with it. Paris is a very picky eater (and her bad health means she sometimes refuses to eat) and when she was eating kibble she sometimes just didn't want to eat it so mum would cook mince, veges and rice or pasta for her (she still didn't always want to eat), but I'm thinking the raw food might be better for her (although the food does stink).

At the moment Holly just gets kibble but when she's finished her current bag, and when we cut her down to 2 meals a day (I know she is old enough to have 2 instead of 3, but she loves her lunch) she might get it too.


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That Paris K9 looks like really good dog food, but, wowza, the price! I could probably get a lot of real meat, of all types,
for cheaper.

$200 for 8lb bag, which the site says will reconstitute to 35 lbs of dog food. I can't afford that price for my human family's food, :( but, if you have a small dog, or, if you can afford it, it does look like healthy dog food.


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Dog food in the USA is super cheap compared to the prices I pay here in Korea....

We feed Milli Natural Balance Duck and Potato . A 6kg bag costs approximately 75$ US. Where as you can buy 12 kg bag off for 61$... =(... Thats more than half the price .. 12 kg food bag would cost around 140$ US here .

I also buy a small bag of Orijen every month. I use the Orijen as training treats...

Milli seems to love both. No reason to change. I think she goes through roughly 7kg of food a month. So shes no that big of an eater even though she does weigh 40 pounds ...