Any Thoughts On A Holistic Vet With A Dog With Health Issues


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Hey I have a dog who is 4 years old and her name is Prissy and she has inflammatory bowel that is immune related and she has Pancreatic insufficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency and she has allergies to different things, currently she is on Prednisone, not sure how long she will have to be on that, I am not to crazy about her being on it because her liver enzymes are already high and she has to have blood test often to check the levels. I been hearing people talk about holistic vet may be able to help her with her allergies and inflammatory bowel disease. It is like she really doesnt even care about eating, I have to make her eat most days, Some days she will eat without me having to make her. Anybody ever took there dog to a holistic vet and any thoughts on holistic veterinarian.


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Poor wee Prissy. Yes, I prefer Holistic Vets and take my dogs to them. Here in Australia and the U.K. they do the normal traditional vet training and then further training on the Holistic care. Which means they are FULLY qualified in all areas and at times use a combination of both traditional and holistic.

My late German Shepherd Jacques, had myalopathy (sorry nor sure how to spell it) and despite that being an incurable dis-ease, with no known cure at that time, he had holistic treatment and gained a longer. better quality of life than he would have had with just the traditional treatment.

I also use DOGtorX Formula for Zeus, (recommended by a holistic vet) who has Cushings (an incurable dis-ease) which is a holistic treatment and he's doing so well, no shakes in the back legs, normal urination/eating (both were excessive) coat is 100% (it also cleared up his allergies which he also had prior to Cushings plus Cushings in itself causes major coat problems) very little bloating, in fact all the nasty symptoms have gone and people don't think there's a thing wrong with him even takeing him for younger than what he is!. But with the traditional treatment, not only VERY expensive and harmful in other ways to the dog, he was fine for a week or two then went backwards at a very fast rate. He couldn't stand up and kinda 'bunny hopped' along the floor in an attempt to stand and walk. His coat was terrible, he had a sway back (symptom of Cushings) legs shaking when he did, with help, manage to stand and he was also urinating excessively, drinking excessively and thieving everything in sight food wise.

That was three years ago and the outlook was VERY bleak! An "older dog', 10 years old, with so much wrong in so many areas, not a good prospect at all. Traditional vets warned me Cushings considerable shortened a dog's life, in preparation for the final curtain call.:(

The first day I gave him DOGtorX I saw a little improvement he didn't bunny hop' as much, by the second day he could get up and walk without effort which was a HUGE improvement Third day, he was up walking without any problems. He can never stop taking it but the fantastic thing is, it's NOT something which builds in the system, or causes 'side effects' as did the conventional treatment for Cushings. And it worked!!!!!!!!

He's never looked back and now approaching 13 is fit, healthy and can walk for miles again at his normal fast pace, learn new tricks (easy ones LOL he's always been 'lazy' with tricks) and enjoys his life to the full.

So yes, go for it, holistic vets are fantastic, but be prepared for a lengthy first visit as they really go into every detail of the dog's life style. Well at least the ones I've been to did.

Please let us know how it all works for you. Get well soon little Prissy:love:


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Poor little Prissy. Yes! Holistic vets are fantastic, though as with all vets, do check out and get referrals if possible.

I have always used Holistic Vets, both here in Australia and back home in the U.K. In both places they are trained in the traditional manner first, then take extra training in the field of Holistic Veterinary Training, thereby making them FULLY trained in ALL areas of animal care.

My late German Shepherd had Myolopathy (sorry not sure how to spell it) and without holistic medication, acupuncture etc. he would have had to have been put to sleep MUCH sooner. We gained so much more quality time together before, more due to old age, he asked to be assisted across the Bridge.

Zeus, my 'golden oldie' was diagnosed with Cushings, another incurable dis-ease, almost three years ago now, and again with the traditional medication, which is VERY expensive involving weekly blood test, 'designer' tablets, he did well for a week or two then went backwards at a fast rate of knots. All his symptoms returned with interest and we were preparing ourselves for the final outcome. A Holistic Vet recommended DOGtorX Formula and I am VERY happy to say that after one day of taking it I saw a vast improvement, he could stand again, albeit the first day with a little effort, but by the second day he was up and standing, along with walking, without any problems. All the other symptoms disappeared and have not returned at all.

Three years down the track Zeus enjoys a life of quality, health and well being, and is even taken for younger than what he really is, about 5/6 years - wow!

So yes, go for it, Holistic vets are wonderful and I am sure will help Prissy. Do though be prepared for a lengthy first visit as they will go into every single aspect of her life, and then some, at least the ones I went to did as they treat the WHOLE dog, not just the symptoms.

Good luck, check out credentials and when you find a good one - GO FOR IT!

Please keep us posted as I know I speak for many on this forum when I say we are all so upset and concerned for dear little Prissy:love:


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I go to a holistic vets too. They often dig a little deeper than the regular vet.
Though the medication can take a little longer to work.
But I do like the fact that I don't stuff my dog with chemicals.
And like Mary says, they look at every aspect of the dog, not just the thing they are suffering from.


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I haven't found one where I'm living now, but the one I used to see before I moved (a couple hundred miles from where I live now) practiced both holistic and conventional medicine, so I had the best of both worlds. Absolutely, I'd recommend you try a holistic vet for Prissy! A couple of the articles I posted links for are from Dr. Karen Becker's site who's a holistic vet - I love her site and get her daily newsletter, and love looking things up on her site.

Prissy has so many things going on, I think a holistic vet would break things down and and maybe be able to get to the root of some of Prissy's issues. I think a holistic vet would be a very wise decision. Keep us posted on your decision, and Prissy's health!


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I think a holistic vet would be a good idea for Prissy.:)

I think I'm going to look into this. Maybe there are some holistic vets in my area?


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I go to a holistic vet as well. I highly recommend them they look for the root of the problem they don't just hand you another prescription and hope it helps.


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I go to a holistic vet as well. I highly recommend them they look for the root of the problem they don't just hand you another prescription and hope it helps.
Very true Devon, plus your dog, as Anneke has said, isn't being filled with chemicals which in themselves often have side effects which can cause as many problems as the original dis-ease.


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what food is she on? if she's not on it, have you considered putting her on raw food or maybe supplementing her with raw food? many dogs perk right up when presented with a chicken wing or a piece of steak.

bec it's not processed, raw meat and bone is very gentle on their digestive system. it absorbs and processes quickly. the bone is in the ideal ratio to be used and doesn't require any particular processing while marrow is a nutritional landmine of minerals and beneficial fats.

b12 is from meat - she would be able to absorb it a lot better from some beef heart than from kibble or pills.

a low fat, low fibre diet is often recommended to deal with maldigestion and this can easily be organized by giving her lean cuts of meat - bec you can actually *see* what she's eating, it's a lot easier to control her intake. a diet of raw meat and bone, by definition, is "low fibre".