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:msncool:Just had a weekend of agility trialing. Was very tired over the two days I had 36 runs:dogohmy:18 each day:dogohmy: with three dogs. My little 22 month old german coolie was in her first agility trial ( she had a couple of practice runs in novice gamblers with 2 first places in them so she only has one more to get her gamblers novice title) Over the weekend she had 2 novice agility and 2 novice jumpers. She qualified in 2 of her novice agility with 2 first places and her two novice jumpers she failed one knocked bar coming out of the tunnel and the second one was way too hard for the novice dogs only one dog passed.:msnsad: The next class up was much easier than what we had. I am so proud of my little girl she has yet to be beaten:msncool:


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Wow, this sounds great!:)
But I never actually understood the american rules of agility, it's so different from the hungarian (or actually the european).
Well, not the rules, but the classes. :)

Congratulations though! :)


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In Australia we have 4 classes in agility and in jumpers. Agility you have all things in including the dog walk the scramble etc and in jumpers you only have jumps in a couple of classes weavers tunnels tyres etc but no contacts
you start of
novice agility novice jumpers
you need 3 qualifying passes to get your title - 3 novice agility passes = ad title
3 novice jumping passes = jd title
once you have the 3 qualifiying passes you than go into the next class

agility dog excellent jumping dog excellent
these you need 5 qualifying passes to get your title

agility dog master jumping dog master
these you need 7 qualifying passes to get your title

As you go up the courses get harder and the times shorter

There is also another class and these are open to all so you can just start out in novice but you will be able to do open but you wont be able to do excellent as you have to pass to get out

Then we have the top title agility champion
Once you have your titles ADM JDM than you go for your AG CH
which comprises of 10 first places in both master agility and jumping (10 qualies in each class) (so 20 first places) and another 10 in each class either 1st, 2nd or 3rd

Its very hard to get them and I have been lucky both my coolie and border collie got these titles. Hopefully my little baby will get it also
Hope that helps


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Wow, it's very interesting! :)

Here in Hungary, we also have agility and jumping runs, in jumping, we don'thave dog-walk, A-frame, and see-saw.
In agility runs, we have 3 categories,
A1- everyone starts in this, you need 3 clean runs to got to...
A2- here you also need 3 clean runs to get to...
Of course, the courses get harder and harder in the higher classes.
And we have open runs, just like you, everyone can enter, from all the categories.