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How often do you give your dog a bath?

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those were great vids,
my dog sort of just got used to it, overtime, each and every bath, he got better. Not his idea of fun, nope, but, he began to realize, he doesn't die during baths afterall.

I also praised him, in calm voice, the entire time. If i stopped prasing him calmly, he would get a lil more antsy, and when i resumed calmly telling him what a good boy he was, or boring stories, he'd listen and he'd do better.
My dog is praise addict.:rolleyes:


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I have a australian shepherd. I bath him every two weeks, or more often if needed. Sometimes he just rolls in dirt and then runs through water for the fun of it. The fleas are really bad and bathing tends to help keep the problem down. My puppy hates baths, and will be using those videos to see if I can get him to be calmer in the tub.