Train your dog to Go to his/her Spot!

We all love our beloved dogs, but aren’t there times when we simply cannot give them the attention they so desperately want?

Perhaps you are having guests over, and your dog simply won’t leave them alone. Or you are watching a movie, and you suddenly notice a few toys around you with a dog eagerly trying to play with you. Or maybe you are on the telephone and your dog is barking mad at something in the window…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply get your dog to “Go to his Spot” and he actually listened to your command?

What’s inside this video lesson:

  • Building lots of value for being on the spot, using several kinds of positive reinforcements.
  • Testing the value by making your dog choose to go onto his spot on his own.
  • Building distance so that you can get your dog to “Go to his spot” from any room in house!
  • Associating a verbal command to the behavior (so that your dog actually goes to his spot when you say so).
  • How to get your dog to “Go to his spot” without having to bribe him with a treat!


Additional information:

  • This video lesson is 16 minutes 25 seconds in length.
  • A complimentary printable lesson sheet is included.
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  • Watch this video lesson online or save it to your computer.
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