Zoey Says Hi!


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Hello everyone! :D I stumbled across the Dog Trick Academy yesterday after running some google searches on training. We recently brought home an 8 week old puppy after our previous dog unfortunately passed away in September of 2008. He was a black lab mix named Cody, and we had him for nearly 14 years... My sister brought him home when I was 4 and he became the "little" brother (albeit, not for long! He reached over 100 pounds) I never had.

When Cody passed away, we knew we couldn't go without another dog for long. After visiting numerous shelters and coming up puppy-less, our veterinarian suggested looking on craigslist. Not a day later, we contacted someone in our area giving away 8 week old pit bull/lab puppies and fell in love:

Zoey's around 3-4 months old now and growing up quick. :D I'm really excited about teaching her new commands. It's a learning experience for both of us since I was too young to get involved training-wise with our first dog... I plan to make up for that now!

We can't wait to meet everyone. <3​


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I have a Zoe too, but I spell it with two little dots over the e.... just cant quite figure out how to get them on the computer lol. I just adopted a terrier mix... prob with Lab also, your pup is absolutely adorable! good luck with your new little baby!


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making an umlaut e for Zoë

u could spell it zee-ooohh-dos-dot-eee or the right way

To type an umlaut e set ur numlock on (hit the numlock key if it's not toggled on/hit again to toggle off if you want to leave it off)

Type Zo and then holding down ALT type 137 on the numeric keypad on the side of ur keyboard not the top.

result Zoë


It's pretty freaking cryptic isn't it. This is a common windows character code for a regular keyboard. You can get to the code listing by going to MS word help and entering umlaut in the search and page down to common symbol character codes or u can just memorize this one since u'll use it a lot and that's it.

Demented that it's so weird but there ya go. Nerd to the rescue. :doglaugh: I must need more to do eh? :dogtongue2: