Zoe At The Beach Doing Tricks. Video And Pics


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So we went to the beach this weekend and also hiking. I had my husband film a short goofing off / training session. Zoe did some of her tricks at the beach. I was actually really impressed with how focused she was on me. Normally the beach is just too overwhelming but she's getting a lot better. At one point in the video she went to see if a shell was chicken and I just said "leave-it" and she came right back to me and did more tricks. My expectations were very, very low as we were in a high distraction environment. She had a great time. Fun day. :D



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WOW, i am blown away, :eek: very very great focus on her tricks for a dog at the beach!! WOW! Nice variety of tricks too!! What a cute dog!:love:
and woah, what a gorgeous beach and forest!! LUCKY YOU, AND LUCKY DOG!!

Kudos on the great dog training!!:D