Zimbabwe's Maxie And Piper

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  1. Sue Gale New Member

    Born in Zimbabwe, widowed for several years and now living in a retirement complex. Have two dogs, an eleven year old Jack Russell, Maxie, who has been with one or other member of the family for the last seven years. Overweight, blind in one eye as a result of a kick from a donkey, and not really enjoying the newcomer. Piper, collected from the local SPCA when about six weeks old, having been handed in there by a previous owner with an injury, subsequently diagnosed as a broken rear leg which obviously had not been set. Thought to be a fox terrier type, he has grown 1,000% in the five months I have had him! The broken bone knitted together on its own (when x-rayed) so no treatment.

    Piper is the ADD of the dog world! He has enormous energy and suffers from boredom if I leave him a moment at home on his own. Extremely intelligent, he is constantly finding the way to escape my own small garden to run in the complex, which he is officially not allowed to do. He climbs through burglar bars, despite his current size. He is extremely flexible and sleeps perfectly comfortably on his BACK! His energy is such, that it is often difficult to get him to focus on what he should be doing, but hopefully time will clear this problem up. He is adored by the majority of my fellow residents.
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  2. Sue Gale New Member

    Not only a mother and daughter dog, but also helping to train a mother's dog! Thanks for your help with Piper, and thanks to Shy who helps him use up his energy when we have to work!O_o
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hello Sue. Welcome to the Dog Trick Academy! :)
  4. Sue Gale New Member

    Pleased that we have found this site, and hope it is going to be fun. I anticipate that it is going to be a lot of fun.

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