Zeus Doesn't Appear Too Well


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I'm sorry to hear that Mary. Ill be praying for a miracle. I'm glad you have little Leafy, puppies have a way with cheering people up.


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Poor Mary! You've been on such a roller coaster with your fur babies these past couple of months. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your old boy.
Thank you Brody's Mom:) Yes it sure is a roller coaster, not a ride I'm enjoying either as you would well realize. Keep the prayers coming, Zeus needs them and I know he'd thank you all as he is such a polite 'young' man.


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I'm sorry to hear that Mary. Ill be praying for a miracle. I'm glad you have little Leafy, puppies have a way with cheering people up.
Thank you kassidybc.:) Keep praying I DO believe in miracles and my boy needs one now. Yes, it's hard to be totally down when you've a little puppy being her beautiful 'naughty' self. She created another Winter Wonderland just for me:)


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I'm terribly sorry to hear that Zeus may have cancer. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you so close to losing sweet Rakins. I really hope that Zeus can pull through this.
and I totally agree it's not just a dog. Dogs bring so much joy, love and comfort into our lives, they teach us so much.
Thank you Danielle:) It's the hardest thing but life can be hard at times and my thought is that, if it's the worst, then Rakins will be with his old buddy once more, as they really loved each other.

Don't dogs do just that! No matter what happens, no matter what others say about you, you can always rely on the total and completely unconditional love of your dog:) They NEVER let you down!!!!!!! And they sure do teach us so much. Kyle (Zeus' vet) and I were talking about that fact last Friday.:)


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Well after crying my eyes out, I calmed down enough to sit and mediate, asking for guidance. I also asked Zeus (yes dogs respond well to telepathy) what he wanted to do. Was it his time to cross? I did of course receive an answer, you always do when you ask in total trust and sincerity.

It was very clear to me that, whatever the result is, I would go ahead with the bioptic ultrasound. I just KNEW I had to do this, I couldn't let Zeus go without knowing if there was a chance, a miracle, he could be healed.

My partner came home and I told him my decision and was surprised he didn't argue or disagree with me, or quibble on the cost, which of course has risen considerably with my decision.

So off we set for the vets, complete with Leafy - she's had so much fun creating yet another Winter Wonderland we decided she was best off with us, and besides she ADORES AND LOVES Zeus and he her.

On arriving at the vets, the poor lady, Veronica, had three emergencies, all at once! One poor doggy, only two years old, tiny little soul possibly terrier, had been attacked (same as Rakins dog jumping the fence) and her wee arm was ripped off, so very sad. Made me realize there is always someone worse off than you, yes corny I know, but very true. And her companion saw it all happen too. My heart bleeds for her.

So we waited in the car, then the nurse came out and said we could go through and sit with Zeus. There he was, laying in his crate, sporting a smashing emerald green bandage and attached to a drip. To say he was VERY HAPPY to see us would be the understatement of the year. We opened the crate door and out he came. The nurse was there and she was amazed , they hadn't been able to get him to stand, let alone come out of his cage no wonder Veronica said he'd gone down hill. But that's my Zeus, he was bored, lonely and from his point of view, why get out, it's comfy here and nothing much else to do! I had taken a large handful of the free liver treats they keep on their counter, more to keep Leafy quiet than anything but hey Zeus smelt them, um not sure if it was us or the treats, no I'm sure it was seeing us that brought him out. Next thing he strolls across the ward and had the biggest wee ever! Partner was asking for the bucket and mop - Zeus, Leafy and I watched him mop the floor, we enjoyed that sight!:)

Zeus wandered around, with both of us making sure he didn't manage to detach his drip, not an easy task as Zeus has never been a nimble dog, but we managed, thankfully whilst not nimble he is VERY obedient and when asked to stand/stay does so without question.

After Veronica was free, she came and showed us the xray. She did further xrays at no charge to us, said I had wonderful vets! We could see immediately the mass, right as if it's almost 'growing' off the right side of the heart itself. Scary but my decision remained firm. She did think it was because Zeus was livelier when we came to see him but as I said to her, no I'd made it before we even left home, and we both told her that Zeus was his normal self, chilled out, laid back and well being Zeus! That's the only problem when your normal vet isn't available, a strange vet doesn't 'know' your dog as well, lovely though Veronica is, Zeus has never met her before so she hasn't the advantage of knowing he's probably the most 'chilled out' dog on this planet. Stressed over being at the vet? No way! Bored yes!!!!!!!! And move, why???? Nothing to do, no walkies, no Leaf, no Mom and no dad? Chap may as well lay back and relax on a comfy bed!!!!!!!!!! Hey room service isn't that bad, but how about a t.v.?:)

I'm not joking, that's how Zeus would be thinking, neither my partner or I could think of a moment when Zeus has been anything other than cool, calm and collected. As we said to Veronica, not even three of the rowdiest Rotties on this planet (everyone crosses the road to pass them) could faze Zeus. He doesn't even bother to look in their direction just walks past no crossing the road with him- he totally ignores the hoi poloi!!!!!!!!!!

Now it's yet another 'waiting game' until Monday, when they're arranging for the lovely Helen, ultra sound specialist, to come over and do the bioptic ultra sound. Depending on the results, I will know how to proceed. I'm prepared, if it's the worst - Cancer, then I can clearly see from the xray that it would be in operable and also I totally trust Helen, she's a marvelous specialist, and will say whether or not it can be operated on. And if it's not, then miracles do happen, and I'll take the next step.

Veronica asked if we could go in tomorrow morning 11.a.m.(Sunday my time) and spend time with Zeus and take him in some of his favorite food, as he's not eaten and that doesn't help. So, Zeus will have his gourmet lunch all packed and taken in to him - nothing like first class room service is there! Somehow I don't think the traditional hospital gift of grapes will be on the menu but Human Grade Organic Rump Steak will be, along with a side serve of organic plain greek yoghurt, and some scrumptious kidneys (UGH to me but pure bliss to Zeus). I think that will tempt his appetite, after all he ate his fair share of Leafy's treats today:)

And Leafy, both Leafy and Zeus were delighted to see each other - more close calls with the drip - and both the nurse and Veronica just adored Leaf. My guesstimate on her weight was almost spot on 10.2 kilos - I had said 10 kilos - not bad only.2 off the mark. Needless to say she'll be along with us tomorrow.:)

So please keep up the thoughts and prayers. They've helped me so much, and also helped me to make a clear, concise decision today. Whatever the out come, and I'm staying positive, I know that all that can be done has been done for Zeus. And I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!!!!!!

Again, thank you all so much, hugs and love from Zeus, Leafy and I:) I'm going to to to bed and sleep tonight, I haven't slept yet, knowing Zeus is safe, I have wonderful friends praying for him, and tomorrow is another day.:sleep::love:


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I'm so sorry to hear this Mary. I'm hoping he can pull through this, I will keep him in my thoughts.

Please give all of your dogs a big hug for me! :)
Thank you Dlilly. If any dog can make it through, it's Zeus! Please do, all the positive thoughts do help so much:)

I sure will give them all a big hug, they LOVE HUGS:love::)


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Update. Spent a lovely, calm and peaceful day over at my vets. Zeus was delighted to see Leafy and myself and even more delighted to find I'd brought him in a gourmet selection of tucker:) He wouldn't eat for the vets, silly boy, but he does have this way, if the food is 'strange' then he refuses to eat it unless you 'taste' (pretend to that is) for him. Likes to know it's safe to eat:)

The vet's have a lovely area out the back, normally reserved for staff, which we all spent the day in just chilling out and relaxing. LOL Zeus, being Zeus, decided the ground wasn't the place for him, so when I stood up to do something, he very politely climbed up into the comfy outside armchair I'd been sitting on and made himself very much at home:) It's a lovely spot, under cover patio with chairs and tables (yes there is more than one chair but my chair was Zeus' choice!) and and Astro Turf area for the dogs to potty on.

As he hadn't eaten since Friday, Alan (the head vet and on duty today, Sunday here so a roster for the staff) said to feed him just morsels at a time, don't want to over load and have Zeus being sick.

Zeus dined on a lovely chicken casserole, compliments of a neighbor, Prime Organic human Rump Steak, Chedda Cheese and Organic Greek Yoghurt. Four teaspoons for casserole and Yoghurt, four pieces of Steak and cheese at a time, and yes Zeus does eat very nicely from a teaspoon:) Along with drinks of water, he was chuffed and very happy about life again.:) I fed him once an hour all day, boy was he thrilled!

Leafy was a very good girly too, she borrowed one of their soft toys kept for puppies and behaved very well. Apart fro trying to take Zeus' food out of his mouth! He didn't mind her climbing all over him even on his head, but hey....taking a chaps food out of his mouth Leafy that's OTT....and he told her so doggy style. Well Zeus' doggy style, just a quick turn of the head and a snort! To hear her squeal you would have thought he'd murdered her!:eek:

Alan is really pleased that I'm having the biopsy performed, as they really aren't sure at all what the lump is, whether it's an abscess or cancer. He's also thrilled that Zeus' Cushings is negligible, down to virtually nothing! And the count was sky high when he first developed Cushings. I did say he'd been on DOGtorX Formula, nothing else, and Alan was very pleased with the results!

Zeus is home tonight, being Zeus! First a lay on the bed, then onto the sofa, a change of pace the floor and then final stop his basket.....rinse and repeat.....his usual routine/route:) He's had a much bigger meal, not full size, tonight but is now nil by mouth as he's having his biopsy tomorrow.

We have a 9.am appointment, even though Alan today and Veronica yesterday still haven't managed to contact Helen the ultra sound specialist, but she'll come that's for sure. And as Alan said, Zeus and I can stay at Unley until she arrives, so all is well.

We'll know then what we're dealing with and what steps to take next. If it's an abscess, then it's surgery to lance/drain it, if it's cancer, well I am going to take the Alternative Approach as I can see from the xray they wouldn't be able to operate, too close to the heart, may even be right on the heart. And I know, as it's not into the brain as it was with my darling Rakins, my wonderful vets will support and help, monitor and guide me all the way.

Only slight flaw today, my partner who didn't want to stay at the vets, he was 'too busy' didn't bring me lunch until 3.30.p.m. OH boy, I was close to eating raw steak!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday and nothing open either, but my wonderful vets did keep me supplied with smashing cuppas:)

We all had a lovely day and tomorrow, we will know what's happening.

Please everyone, keep up those prayers and positive thoughts, they sure are helping my boy and myself of course, to keep calm through this very difficult time. And please send them to my wonderful vets, they're all praying and willing Zeus to get better and they deserve loads of thoughts too.:)

Hugs and HUGE thank you to everyone here, you're all helping me so much.:) Gotta go, get an early night, so I'm fit and bright for my boy tomorrow. Love Mary, Zeus and Leafy (who says "why can't I have casserole as well Zeus?"


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Oh my.. I hope Zeus is alright and I hope Leaf is giving you plenty of cuddles and encouragement :)
Thank you Gracegorgina:) Zeus is a LOT better today and Leafy is giving both Zeus and myself lots of cuddles and encouragement. In fact, she's back to laying right on top of Zeus when he's on the sofa, something he just ADORES:D

Um, plus when we were at the vets this morning, she created yet another Winter Wonder Land for me and even brought one of my faux fur coats (I have to use clothe racks in this place) out into the lounge room - so I could keep warm maybe??? No harm done to the coat, she's very thoughtful:D


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He does sound a bit brighter. I hopt that trend continues!
Thank you Sara:) He's a LOT brighter, back to being "Zeus" and apart from looking like an escapee from a Doggy Concentration Camp, you wouldn't know he's sick:) The 'short back and sides hair cut, complete with a massive weight and muscle tone loss, means he's not at his most handsome best:rolleyes: Thank goodness it was raining today and a lot cooler, he wore his coat and looked quite respectable, otherwise kids may have run screaming, having nightmares tonight, as he really doesn't look his usual Dapper Dan self:D


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When we arrived at his usual vets, Helen the ultra sound specialist, had already seen his xrays and said to Kyle (she'd left when we arrived for another appointment) there wasn't any way she could do a bioptic ultra sound as the lump is too close to the heart, virtually 'over/growing in' the heart in the xray, as it would mean the needle would have to go into the heart and of course that would be fatal. She has said she could do a biopsy putting the needle down through the trachea, but that's a high risk procedure, so Kyle our vet is going to do a lot of research, along with speaking to vets and specialists here and in the U.S.A. to ascertain just how high a risk. Too high and she will not proceed, as she said, if he died during the procedure, that would be terrible - the cure worse than the dis-ease situation.

However, Helen and a radiographer called in to also view the xrays, both think the lump isn't cancer. They're not a 100% sure of course, only a biopsy would tell them that, but they said the overall look of the lump, plus NO sign of it spreading, sorry using non-technical terms the medical ones are a bit difficult, it could well be an abscess or a benign tumor. Another aspect is that cancer does not cause the extremely high temp either, but an abscess will. Zeus' temp was in the dangerously high catagory on Friday. Also it went up so quickly, along with dehydration, makes them feel it's more an abscess, which would cause the bad urinary infection, Of course the full examination has brought it (the lump) to light. Chances are it may have been there for a while, not causing any problems if it's benign and not an abscess. No guarantees of course, but because he's made such a rapid recovery, unlike Rakins who went down hill and kept going down hill, they are reasonably confident it's not cancer:D

So the next step is, Kyle has put him on the stronger of the two anti-biotics he was receiving whilst hospitalized, Veronica gave him a second one as she thought he wasn't responding, poor lady she didn't understand Zeus' attitude to being in hospital which runs along the lines of "Ho hum, bored witless, no Mom, no Leafy, No socks or jocks to chew, no T.V. cct is boring to watch, may as well chill out, someone will arrive soon - hey where the h*ll are you all I need visitors" Believe me when Zeus 'chills out' he REALLY chills out!!!!!!!!!

He's on them for two weeks. Then will be xrayed again to see if the tumor has shrunk. Plus another urine check a week after he's finished the anti-biotics, to ensure all infection has cleared. As Kyle said, she will be monitoring him all along the way but is VERY hopeful of a successful outcome and whilst she won't say he'll go another ten years, she wouldn't be surprised if he did. Heelers are known to be very long lived dogs, in fact, some books say the longest living, but that's open to debate, as other breeds and x breads also live a very long time.

Today Kyle needed a urine sample and as I didn't follow my usual morning routine of letting both dogs out together, I forgot to get one, I just let out Zeus as I wanted to feed Leafy and the Cats without torturing Zeus by saying 'sorry fellow no food this morning' as he was nil by mouth because of the proposed biopsy. But Zeus, being Zeus and always ready to obliged, peed virtually on cue at the vets, he's so thoughtful. Then Kyle broke the 'house rules' and allowed both Zeus and I into the room where they have the microscopes etc. so I could see what she was looking at through the microscope. Very interesting, I always love to see what's happening, and with her help I could clearly see he still has infection in the urine. And Zeus, well he just chilled out, computer in the room, very familiar, made himself right at home:):rolleyes: Didn't want to leave, so I showed Kyle the 'secret words' needed to move Zeus when he's in total chill out mode 'Zeusy HUP" said in a bright voice:)

As he's now fully hydrated, his catheter has been removed and LOL, if they didn't do it then Zeus would as he'd already started to chew it in the taxi - he wasn't too pleased about having to travel in the back of a rsv with a grid between us - showed his disgust by chewing the bandage:p He's not used to traveling like that, he's used to riding right behind the driver, gotta make sure the driver knows what he's doing, and a chap just cannot watch if he's shut away in the back!:eek:

So funny though, with the nurse and I on the floor of the reception area carefully removing the mile of bandage, Alan on being warned Zeus was very good at removing bandages had added a few extra layers to keep the catheter safe, Zeus for a while watched with great interest. Then without any warning, flopped back, head right down, on the floor and lay as if he was about to expire any second!:rolleyes: Fortunately, Penny (the nurse) knows Zeus so we both cracked up laughing, but can so feel for Veronica the vet who was with him on Saturday and thought he wasn't going to make it. Honestly Zeus really can look, at any given time, so chilled out that if you didn't know him you would think he was ill or about to expire!

To say he's back to normal in his ways would be right, even though he's still has the infection, he's up to all his old tricks, trying to steal Leafy's soft toys when I tried to quietly put them down for her this morning etc.:)

I had to go to the automatic teller, so left my bag at the vets and with Zeus, sporting a much smaller bandage now over the spot were the catheter had been, and wearing his coat as it was raining good thing as he looks ghastly, skinny, short back and sides hair cut, honestly looks like an escapee from a Doggy Concentration Camp (would terrify kids, they'd have nightmares) took of for the very long walk to the nearest bank! Right! Me, I totally forgot, Zeus' religion clearly states that even on the shortest of walks a dog must pee and poop!!!!!!!! The pee is o.k. but poop in the street and Mom not clean up - YIKES - heavy fines and well not nice to leave a poop calling card! Especially as this street is a very busy shopping center! Zeus of course went to poop! First time I managed to deter him but knew full well he wouldn't last until we got back to the vets. So, walked along looking for a 'suitable' person to ask if they had anything which could be used as a poop bag. Along came this lovely, smiling Indian lady with a baby - aha perfect Mom's always have something suitable on them. I stopped her and very politely with a big smile said "Weird and wonderful request, my dog needs to poop and I've left the poop bags back at the vets. Would you have anything suitable please?". She laughed and produced a plastic shopping bag. Few more paces and yep Zeus pooped. But he had very sloppy poo - so here was me in the middle of a fashionable shopping strip attempting to 'catch' sloppy poo in a shopping bag. Not the most elegant of things and I did miss some, which meant I had to kinda 'scrub' at it with the bag! But, ever thoughtful, Zeus had stopped right on top of a street trash bin, so at least I didn't have to walk along carrying a somewhat messy poop bag. Plus, right there in the gutter was a lovely big puddle, so I could 'wash' my somewhat 'soiled' hands! Which of course I re-washed properly back at the vets!

Needless to say Kyle and everyone at both surgeries are over joyed to see how much Zeus has recovered. Honestly, we almost broke out a bottle of champers, they love him so much - told me my dogs are their very best patients and so loved:love::D And poor Kyle, she's always had such bad news to deliver of late, is sooooooooooo relieved she can actually treat Zeus, not have to do the final deed. Plus she's longing to meet Leaf, she's not yet met her, so a visit with Leaf is on the 'to do list':) She's already heard all about her from the other vets and nurses, who said Leaf's a very well behaved little puppy YEAH the kid did well on her two hospital visits to her Big Bro Zeus!:D

Request: Any suggestions as to what to feed Zeus, other than upping the anti of his normal diet, to increase his weight and muscle tone? He is seriously under weight, by six kilos, lost heaps of muscles tone and looks like a bag of bones at present. He's fed raw, with organic food, yoghurt (natural of course) eggs with the shells ground up, offal and a veggie/meat stew. Plus organic treats. I know his hair cut will improve, so that's not a worry, but his weight loss is and Kyle has said to feed him up with bigger and bigger meals. LOL Zeus is delighted of course, as he's always had to 'watch his weight' despite loads of exercise, that chilled out way does I think cause some of the weight gain:rolleyes:

Please keep the the prayers and positive thoughts, he's not out of the woods yet, and I KNOW your thoughts and prayers are working. Thank you everyone:love::love::love:

Will update when he's had his next tests.:D


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I'm so happy that he's sounding so much better! It sounds like our prayers are working, and we'll keep them coming! Is Leaf happy to have her big bro back home? :)