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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Dlilly, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Dlilly Honored Member

    What do you think about Zak George?

    (That's from his old show SuperFetch. He helped this woman teach her dog to push the pedals!)

    I like that he really sees the importance of having a bond with a dog. He isn't all positive, he does say no. And, most of his training methods won't work with Shiloh, like his method on how to teach a dog to carry a cooler. He isn't one of my favorite, but he's pretty decent.
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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    I like Zak George. I really like the message he sends, to form a bond with your dog. Even though he's not all positive, I don't mind. :) You can see the bond he has with his dogs, and how much they love eachother.:love: It's GREAT that he's trying to change the world of dog training, and open people's eyes about trainers like Cesar Millan and Brad Pattinson.:)
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  3. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    I like Zak George a lot and I love Superfetch (I wish they still showed it). :D He's one of my favorite trainers along with Kyra Sundance and I've used many of his tips while training Kodi. Plus I didn't mind watching his show because he didn't annoy me like Victoria Stillwell does lol even though he does talk a lot! :LOL:
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  4. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I could watch Zak George all day long, love him and loved Super Fetch (y):D , was so sad when they did't renew it. :confused:

    Dice, what it is about Victoria Stillwell that annoys you so much? I find nothing annoying about her at all.
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  5. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    I just think she's to over the top. My family thinks the same thing to. I do like some of her methods and have used them, but the majority of the things she does have never worked with my boy. I do believe I can learn a lot from her and most trainers, that's why I still watch her show from time to time. I do think she tends to come down kind of hard on some owners from time to time. Some need it (like owners who just were to lazy to teach their dogs to use the restroom. O_o I think the episode was about a house full of college girls who all had dogs they didn't take care of, if I'm remembering correctly). But I've seen a few episodes were she kind of gets mad at owners and blames them for their dogs aggression and reactive issues. :oops: In some cases I agree with her but not all. Kodi is reactive but it's through the fault of our neighbors and their dogs not me or my family. I think she's a little loud and over dramatic. :eek: And my family and I think it's funny that she wore high heeled boots in the earlier episodes, it just doesn't seem like proper training attire. :rolleyes: But I am a very low key, laid back kind of person so that's probably why I feel this way. :LOL:
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  6. rouen Experienced Member

    I use to like Zak George but in the past year or two he's become so self important, going as far as saying he's the best dog trainer in the world, and blasting clicker trainers. I just find him annoying now.
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  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Whoa, when did he do that???? Anything you can reference for me? If that's true - my impression/respect for him just went down immensely. :oops:
  8. Dogster Honored Member

    WHAT?!?! I haven't heard of that:eek: Awww...:oops:
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  9. Dlilly Honored Member

    He doesn't like that some trainers rely too much on the clicker. I've been him use clickers in his videos, and suggest them to people. He wants people to really get engaged in training, and to not need a tool to train your dog. I haven't seen him say anything about him being the best trainer, but he has made videos about how he dislikes CM.

    He has said something aimed at Kikopup, he didn't say it, but it was obvious, about how he thinks more clicker trainers on Youtube need to show more emotion. I can tell she doesn't feel comfortable in front of the camera, so that bothered me. I can really relate to that, I hate talking to the camera. When you see her actually train, she looks more relaxed and exited. That's the only thing he's said about another trainer that has really bothered me.
  10. rouen Experienced Member

    The video of him chatting it up with Dunbar just seemed like a blast fest from two men I thought were decent people. And for about a year the title of Zak's youtube channel was "Home of the Zak George the world best dog trainer" or something very similar, looks like he changed it though.
  11. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I'll have to see if I can find the video of Zak and Ian Dunbar -- is it still up somewhere? I'm sure that was an interesting chat for sure, if Zak was blasting clicker training. Plz tell me Dunbar didn't just sit back and let him go.... :confused: As for the title of his Youtube channel, heck, people call themselves all kinds of things, that didn't bother me at all. Must dig around and see what I can find.
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  12. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Here's the link for anyone else interested, I had to check it out. Actually, I agreed with them, so still hold them both in high regard. Whew! :cool: (y)

    I guess I tend toward being a 'vocal' clicker trainer, and am always giving feedback, and will sometimes even forget to click, altho am already saying something to my dogs and tossing treats, jackpots, etc. I can see both their points tho, for those who tend to be quiet and use the clicker as the only form of communication - they click if the dog gets something right, and otherwise, it's total silence and a turnaround or something to reset. To me, they're correct, it's using the dog like a science project, and forgetting it's a living, breathing, thinking creature. I also understand what Dr. Dunbar is saying about repeating a command to a dog - I agree that sometimes the dog may not hear you, it's not always a dog just blowing us off, so why not repeat it? I often talk to my dogs like I would a friend, I do repeat things, altho not over and over and over, and I do talk a lot to them. I believe it's all about the relationship, always have - and that was so much of their point. And that's what so many people miss.
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  13. boltandjenny Well-Known Member

    Honestly I find him kinda annoying and he talks too much thats why I havent watched any of his new videos, But its not like I hate him or anything hes just decent lol
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    Jackie I am the same and I agree with what Dr. Dunbar said about talking to your dogs. I know from many, many experiences that dogs do understand and learn our language.

    I too am a 'vocal' trainer, I am constantly talking to my dogs, along with talking to them in the house. Both dogs understand a lot,for example when I say I'm busy and will train them shortly. Reactions are quite different though, Zeus will just kinda shrug his shoulders and wait patiently, Ra Kismet will heave massive sighs, flop on the floor, couch, ottaman or if really disgruntled, retire to the bedroom for a thorough 'sulk':rolleyes: But both dogs understand! Along with many other things I say which are not directly related to training.

    We don't get Zak George's show here, pity as it may just help wean people of Millan. I can only watch him train via vids on YouTube but have to say I find him great and I don't mind his chatty manner at all.

    I also, like you Jackie, agree with both men.
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  15. southerngirl Honored Member

    I like Zak George. I keep hearing a lot of people don't like them cause they are annoying or talk to much. I don't care if they talk a lot or are boring, I just care if they are good trainers(getting good results, can tell they like working with the dog, the dog they are working with is happy.)
    I'm also a vocal trainer. A lot of the time when I click I'll also say good girrll or yes. It feels to unemotional not to say anything to the dog. In my opinion if your not talking to them it's boring for both dog and human. Sometimes my parents walk in when I'm talking to Missy and look at me like I'm nuts:cautious:
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    I agree Southerngirl(y)

    LOL I get the same thing, not with the parental though, but people in the street:cautious: They'll even ask "does he answer back?" to which I reply "yes of course":rolleyes::D Almost has then reaching for their cell phones to call up the 'little men in white coats':LOL:
  17. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Sad that they don't understand -- and of course they answer back! :LOL: Maybe not in words, like we speak, but in their body language, in their actions/inactions/reactions. I'm with you Mary!!! :LOL::ROFLMAO: We can share a nice little padded room together ... as long as we get to bring our dogs!!! :ROFLMAO:

    I don't find Zak George or Victoria Stillwell in the least bit annoying. I love Zak's enthusiasm for training, and his relationship with his dogs, and those I've seen him work with. He has a way of zero'ing in on what appeals to whatever particular dog he's working with, he works with and expands on that, and he and the dog have fun - and to me, that's what it's all about.

    Victoria's training style is different from Zak's, and while Zak is doing fun trick training, she's dealing with real-life issues that sometimes are very frustrating. People get dogs, they have problems, the dog is chewing, digging, barking, acting out, blah blah blah ... and when you get down to it, they have no relationship with the dog, the dog exists in the same house. Sometimes there's no nice way to put things. I've heard people say she whines and talks to much. Silence doesn't make for good tv. And silence also doesn't make for good dog training or relationship building -- something brought out in the conversation with Zak George and Dr. Dunbar. It's fine to click/treat - but dogs are living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings - and need feedback from us humans, not just to be treated like science projects.

    All of our training styles are a bit different, cuz we're all a bit different (or the world would be boring place). :) I think we have to try to be less critical and more supportive of those who have dogs' best interests first and foremost always, and are out there publicly touting positive methods. Just take the best we can learn from them, and leave the rest (the parts we don't like) gently behind.
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  18. 648117 Honored Member

    I also found this video really interesting. I know a lot of people here love using clickers but I'll be honest and say I don't use mine that much.

    For example:
    I've never used it at agility. During the first agility class we all got given clickers and I can see how a clicker would be useful for a dog that's reluctant to go throught/be on the equipment but for Holly who has always tried everything first time, it would of just been disruptive, especially now that we do mini-courses. To click/treat after each piece of equipment would not work well, but a "good" while running and a treat at the end of the course works well.

    During obedience we don't use clickers. Someone asked our trainer about it once and she basically said a similar thing to Ian Dunbar about clickers being good for capturing precise things but most of the time it is better to use a marker word and verbal praise and treats (also I think a class full of clicking would be a bit of a headache ;) ). Although there has been a couple of things that I used the clicker to teach once we were at home when I couldn't get the timing right with just a marker word (eg, target work and backup). Our trainer encourages us to talk to the dog during heelwork to tell them they are doing well and so they stay focused better.

    So I only really use the clicker during trick training and not always for that either and if I do then I don't use it for very long before I end up reverting to "good girls"s (and half the time I forget to click or say "good" at the exact same time as clicking anyway).

    I'll also admit that I've never read any dog training books of any sort :ninja: I probably should.
  19. MaryK Honored Member

    It is and----- yes they do answer back exactly as you say:love: (y) We'll enjoy a lovely comfy padded room together with out dogs, that would be so cool:cool::love:

    Agree with everything in your post. LOL haven't yet managed to get multiple quotes up, despite Sara's very kind tutition, :eek:
  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Jackie I've pretty much seen all of Victoria Stilwell's shows and I agree. She deals with some extremely difficult situations, more with the HUMANS than the dogs! She has to be firm otherwise the people just don't 'get it'. I agree totally with what you say about silence, doesn't make good viewing, nor is it really, in my opinion, good dog training either.

    Again, we agree, LOL this is a 'mutual admiration society' but yes, VS and ZG are both working for the benefit of dogs:love:(y)
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