Your Training Schedule


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How often do you train? What do you train when? Do you have any system?

Clover has training twice a day most days. Occassionally (maybe once or twice a week?) we do only one in a day, mostly when I've worked and I'm stuffed! We pretty much work through Sue Ailsby program... If I'm tired we might just do an offering behaviour session (so I can sit down!).

Mac doesn't have regular training. He doesn't enjoy it like Clover does.


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We generally train three times a day. Though, I use the term "training" very loosely. We visit the local park, and we play, and we throw in some obedience exercises and tricks. It's usually not very formal at all, though once in a while, like yesterday, I will make it so, so that I can see how she copes without the play.

I can't say that we have a system per se. We are currently working towards Sue's Level Two, (and REALLY struggling to get the "stand", might I add) note to self: spend next month dedicating yourself to teaching stand! but we're also doing more besides that, such as training for the KCGC requirements, the monthly challenge here, and the trick training, etc. I tend to have goals in my head, and just try to work towards them.

She also attends KCGC classes once a week.

luna may

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Wow... :dogblink: You sure have time and patience to spare!
I train about once every two days or so...


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I train her in 2 sessions, every day. One shorter, and one longer.
The shorter when I arrive home from school, the longer after our afternoon walk.

That's basically it, but if I'm home all day, we can have aroung 4 or 5 sessions a day.


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I train him once or twice a day, just running through his tricks and then practising whatever we're doing a that time. I'm supposed to train things for Obedience, but tricks are a lot more fun, so I'm a bit slack with that. We also go outside and practise weaves once a day/2 days.

We have agility training on a Tuesday night, and our obedience class on a Thursday.


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whenever we go out of the house for his daily exercise and socialization (which is twice per day) there is always training involved sporadically throughout the sessions. Most of our daily training is proofing recall and stays and focus, building reliability is my main concern. I can never spend enough time proofing (mostly because past a certain point it gets difficult to set up the distractions you need for that stage of proofing). I could easily spend all our time doing only that and it would never be enough. sometimes it seems very daunting. We also have competitive obedience classes once a week so we also some spend time practicing those things though lately I've been slacking off on that due to a busy schedule - not that I don't have the time since I still take him out for his exercise sessions, just that I don't have the brain energy left over at the end of the day to be paying close attention to training!


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Our dogs get some training time most days, even if it's just 10 or 15 minutes each (which makes it 40 or 60 minutes as we have four dogs).

Once a week they also come out training one evening each. And we sometimes invest a few minutes into training in the park during our morning walk.



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Train as often as you like. Keep the sessions relatively short and try to have a plan for the session.