You know you did a good work on teaching your dog tricks, when...


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... when your dog can easily eat the treats, but instead decides to bring you the open container just so they can hear you praise as well.

... when they ignore you, but follow random people around intently, offering behavior after behavior - and just when you wonder why they've never looked at *you* with such devotion, you realize the other person has a hand in their pocket.


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...when a friend comes over with their new baby, who goes into a fit of sneezing....and your dog proceeds to not only bring Kleenex after Kleenex, but bring the whole box.
...when you take your dog to Petsmart and she overhears the trainer giving a dog a command...and she follows it.


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too funny! Love them all.

...... when he plays crate games all on his own to get my attention. LOL. (crate game I've played with him since he was a baby. sending him to his crate, wait and release, he will do it on his own b/c he thinks i will throw the ball for him, lol)


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......When you tell your dog to lay down ....she does...then she starts "army crawling "
across the room in front of if not to be noticed! :msngiggle:My dog does this! But hey, I did tell her to lay down!:ysmile:


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...she tries to high-five the other dogs! :dogtongue2:

...she does a spin move when you wave at a neighbor driving by

...she freezes with her mouth open on your hand ready to bite but stopped just short when she hears the dreaded "ah-ah!"


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...when your dog jumps over your back whenever you bend down.
... if your dog jumps up immediately when you reach I to the shelf where you keep the clicker.