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    How do you groom a yorkshore terrier? Let me show you how!

    Step #1.
    You should always bathe your yorkshire terrier before you do anything. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner that is specifically made for long-haired dogs. Many brands are available at pet stores these days. Always make sure that there is no soil or soap residue on your dog's coat before starting to groom.

    Step #2.
    Depending on what type of look you are going after, you may need to use a hair clipper to trim your dog's hair. I personally prefer longer hair, but if you must use a clipper, please be sure to use the protective blade so that you never accidentally cut or hurt your dog. See demonstration picture.

    Step #3.
    Once your yorkshire terrier's hair has dried (you can use a blower or wait a few hours, depending on your climate), it is now time to groom with scissors. I like to make sure that everything is a proper length and looks lovely.

    Step #4.
    Comb your yorkshire terrier's hair with a very fine comb on the head, neck and especially around the ears. Your main goal is to make sure that the hair is not tangled anywhere on your dog's body.


    Step #5.
    The final step is to add some uniqueness to your dog. In this picture I braided her hair which to me looks very pretty and gives her a sense of personality.

    Do you own a yorkshire terrier? Share with us your grooming tips and experiences! We would absolutely love to hear from you.
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