Yayyyy Oliver!!!


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I have a friend, who is a behaviourist who specializes in aggression. She has helped me with alot of Oliver's issues, and is great support for me.

Last night we decided to have coffee, and instead of staying at Timmies (Tim Hortons, the best coffee EVER) we went bact to her house, to let the dogs play. She has an awesome setup in her yard. no grass, all gravel and cement, with kennels set up in one part. Her dogs were all kennelled up when we came through the gate. I immediately let Ollie, Mouse and Boo off to start exploaring. Ollie completely ignored the kennelled dogs, so obviously, his aggression is completely and totally fear-based. those dogs behind the fence are no a threat, so he could get on with the serious buisness of marking :) THen 2 at a time, she let out the other dogs... 2 Poms first, Ollie ignores, then a Frenchie and a Sheltie, which Ollie had a sniff, then ignored, then her BC, and S. Poodle... there's where the tension escalated, but no grumbles, and no reactions... finally the Lab... Ollie was very obviously nervous, but he settled in quite quickly, and was even playing with the other dogs quite happily, he had a bit of a tumble with the Poodle who is MUCH larger than him, he played keep away with the BC, and a bit of tug with the lab... but we stayed too long... it got dark, and Ollie had a go at the Lab (he's worse at night) I was kicking myself, I should have left before dark, he's alot more reactive at night.

So Ollie can definately socialize, he respects telling off, and he had ALOT of fun... Had I leashed him, totally different story, but off leash, he was really fantastic!

The other thing I wanted to say, is that my friend and I have decided Ollie should go into one of her obedience classes (yes, his obedience is good, but he needs the socialization in a controlled area) and I need a trainer who will respect what I'm doing with him, and who'll not do anything to provoke his fears... She was extatic though, when Ollie had no fear of her today, and was quite happy to get pet by her... but she's completely ignored him, and never tried to touch him... he's very comfortable with her now :)

I phoned her last night to see if she had any classes, that's how the coffee thing came about... she agrees with me, so Oliver will be going to classes soon...

and in the fall... CANINE FREESTYLE! With that same trainer. She's really impressed that he's got all the moves already, he just needs sharpening up and some distance... which I cant do here... so he's on his way!

My friend was really impressed with how far he's come!


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Thanks guys! He's been there before, with different dogs (and honestly, not quite so many) and without any other of my pack there. And he was just fine then, but it was a much shorter visit, and mostly in the house, as it was winter... but he was ok. Thing is, when he's in with a pack of dogs, he's nervous, but he cant single out a dog, and he cant focus his aggression on any single dog, so although he's stressed, he's not reactive. And my friend's dogs are very dog savvy. they can read a dog, and know when and how to approach. they work with dogs like Oliver alot, so they're quite good at doing what the dog needs.

I was a tad bit worried about having Mouse and Boo there, thinking Ollie might try to defend them, but neither Mouse or Boo wanted to play with the others, they just wanted to snuggle on laps near the fire (It was quite cold last night... it actually froze) So they didn't cause any protective reactions from Oliver.

My friend also agrees with me about Ollie's breed... I truly believe he's an Irish Terrier mix. even though the breed is rare, he carries alot of the same characteristics, He's territorial, loyal, a one family dog, he is DA, and extremely tough. He wont back down, and he's extremely fun loving. He's very smart and trainable, but goofy and can be destructive (even at almost 3 years old!) and he's the right size, though built a tad bit heavier, with a wider head.his ears aren't right, though IT's who haven't had their ears glued as puppies can have ears that stand up like his... I think I actually have my IT!

And after her dogs got put away, and we were getting ready to take off, I got to sho off some of Ollie's tricks... Donna was quite impressed! and he was being very attentive and focused... my awesome little man!!!

AND she LOVES the Black Dog Wear stuff Ollie has! She's going to look into the brand, and possible start carrying it!!!