Yay! I'm so happy.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by drivingtenacity, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. drivingtenacity New Member

    I don't know if anyone remembers the thread about Rolo, the German Shepherd imprisoned and accused of being dangerous, but I've been following the story(being a Shepherd person) and Rolo will not be put to sleep and will be returned home to his people.:dogbiggrin:

  2. marieke New Member

    Yay Rolo! Dogs are not dangerous, people make them dangerous.
  3. storm22 Experienced Member

    congrats rolo and laura
  4. drivingtenacity New Member

    Hopefully her new neighbors won't be such asses. I'm sure a nice private kennel feels like a canine Hilton after being in dog prison so long.

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