Wydwl Harness


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I can't import it because of the bans in my country, but I found somebody who created a replica for me :). The replica was almost exact, same material and everything, except for the reflective stuff.

I gave it a shot on Hosen. He was AMAZING on his daily route (it's from my parent's to my sister's school). Some pulling (bolting) when we approached a tree, but nothing else :).

A couple of days later (after rain cleared), I decided to test it on an unusual route. We went to the park.

Oh, boy.

As soon as we didn't make the first usual turn, he went crazy! He started pulling again like a madman. It's more manageable than a flat collar, but still, he was horrible lol. Especially when we saw a dog.

He ended up choking on his harness like it was a choke collar. CAN SOMEBODY EVEN EXPLAIN HOW A DOG CHOKES ON A HARNESS :ROFLMAO:. It was sad and hilarious at the same time. It's a shame my mother isn't interested in training him herself. She wants everything to be easy! But, well, as long as he gets a walk a day...

Just wanted to share my experience here. My dog is completely bonkers :). I've never met a dog so stubborn and badly socialized in my life. Makes me wonder who his previous owners were, haha.