Would you be interested in a @dogtrickacademy.com or @dogtricks.org e-mail?

Jean Cote

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Would you be interested in a @dogtrickacademy.com or @dogtricks.org e-mail?

The mail would be accessible via the website kind of like hotmail or gmail.

** This is just an idea, there are no plans to do this yet. **


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Probably not because I am happy with me email...
But dogtricks.org is okay, dogtrickacademy is a bit long.


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Good point Leema regarding the length. Also @dogtricks.org is more generic yet still obviously the same subject.

I currently have one email address that I use for everything, so I'd probably use a new one to segregate - it would be for lists that focus on training methods etc.


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I am happy with my current e-mail adress, and probably I would be lazy to generate a now one, but the @dogtricks.org would be great! :D


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id froget to check it, i hardly check my one i have now, but the @dogtricks.org sounds good