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I don't know how many of you are from Canada or Toronto specifically but I just wanted to let all of you who are in the area that woofstock is going on this weekend with lots of cool events! It's like a big streetsale but everything puppy style, lol. My little ones will be competing in the Mr. and Miss. Canine Canada pageant, I'll let you know how they do. Also, for those who can make it down keep in mine that they also have free puppy sitting if you'd like to have lunch or just need your hands free for a little while. i know personally with three dogs I'll be using at some point during the day.

Hope to see you there!:dogtongue2:


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Well it was BOILING HOT in Toronto today but we still made it out to Woofstock! It was a good day regardless of the heat, the dogs were a little hard to control because there were so many and so many new sounds and smells and well they are puppies, lol. But overall it was pretty good. We ended up having to drench all the dogs a couple times to help cool them off, poor black babies.

Jasper and Luci didn't win Ms. or Mr. Canine but we had fun competing anyways. A King Charles spaniel won Mr. and a very tiny dog won Ms., lol. I'm not sure what kind of dog she was, she was behind us in line though and Jasper attempted to eat her a couple of times. I still think my babies were the cutest but hey, what can be done.

Now it's off to a hot and sticky night's sleep!

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Hehe, I live close to Toronto and I never heard of woofstock. Glad you had fun though!!! Lucky it wasn't Friday, lol, it was way hotter on Friday.


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Woofstock? Haha. What a cute name.
I live fairly close to Toronto. Never heard of woofstock but would love to go next time it's on. Is it the same time every year?