Windy And Sunny

Puppydog 27

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my family's dog is named windy and she is a very energetic dog. We also have a dog named sunny. Sadly, we can't realy train eaither one because when we try to train one the other wants attention.:giggle:But every once and a while, we can get them to do somethin special:D


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Hi! Welcome to DTA. I'm sure you'll enjoy looking around the site.

Well done on managing to get your dogs to do tricks sometimes. I know it can be hard trying to train 2 dogs simultaneously.

If you really want to train tricks what about just shutting one of the dogs into another room for a few minutes while you train one and then swap? They'd get used to the idea after a few sessions. If this stresses them too much then have a competition with someone else in your family to see who can be first to train 5 tricks to one of the dogs, you both train at once in separate rooms... you could get the rest of your family to act as judges :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: I should think you'd all have a lot more fun than you can begin to imagine.


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Hi and welcome. Multi-dog households can be a challenge sometimes - but babygates work wonders. :p You'll learn lots here, great ideas, loads of fun. Try the suggestions above, competitions are fun - or I work one dog at a time, with the other learning to wait patiently behind a baby gate (helps them to learn self-control). I live alone so have no choice. Lots you can do, just keep at it. Have fun on the site!