Which do you like best: Luring or Clicker training?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Jean Cote, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    This is an interesting question, which training technique do you enjoy training better? So far in the classroom, I’ve mostly showed how to lure the dog to perform the behaviours, but each of those tricks could have been taught using clicker training.

    So even if you practice both, select an option which you enjoy the most. Then give us some feedback as to why! :dogsmile:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Personally, it is a close race between the two. I would say that it’s about 60%/40% for luring. In my experience, the dogs learn quicker when they are being lured and it gives me more of a hands on experience.

    However, I really enjoy clicker training (shaping behaviours), because it gives you the ability to train things you cannot by luring. You can’t lure a dog to fetch or to scratch himself. So in that aspect, it’s pretty cool.
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I agree with this.
    I chose clicker training, becouse I mostly lure my dog to do the trick, but I almost always shape it with the clicker, so it's mostly 50-50%...
  4. emmasmamma Guest

    I use both techniques, but, I guess that luring would have to be tops, as when I click the clicker, Emma knows that means she gets a treat afterward.
  5. luna may New Member

    I really like luring, because it works great and lets the dog understand "Hey, if he's moving the treat around, that means he's trying to teach me something!"
    Clickers, on the other hand (can you believe I only found out about them through the site? I had no ide they existed before then! Jean- thanks for enriching a person's knoledge :)), irritate me a bit, because they look kind of cold to me- a metalic click where there could be a hysteric "OMG GOOD GIRL KESEM TOVA TOVA TOVA HEREYOUGOGETATREAT'CAUSEYOU'RESOSMARTGOSHWHERE'SMYCAMERA!!!!!!!!"? No thanks ;)
    So I think my vote is a little transparent, but who cares... I'm pleased :doghappy:

    *(Tova= Good girl... Hope that clears things up :))
  6. hockey390 New Member

    So when you are shaping a trick with luring, and then using the clicker as correct behavior acknowledgment, aren't you using both methods?

    I'm sort of confused here because I thought luring was the get a movement or action, and then the "clicker" training was used as a way of saying correct, but in the most consistent way possible. So can these two items be compared? Kind of seems like comparing apples to oranges.

    I chose clicker though because I use it for every trick I teach, whereas I only lure in some.
  7. luna may New Member

    Hehehe... I got a little worked up up there :rolleyes:
    My cue to treat is simply the word 'Treat'- you should see how she jumps when I say it, she'll look at me wagging her tail and follow me all over the house jumping around leefully waiting for a tiny piece of leftover meat, os mashed potatoes, ot banana ;)
  8. drivingtenacity New Member

    I like them both, but I've found that instead of using an actual clicker, Zena seems to respond better when I make kissy sounds at her. Silly, I know, and I do get some weird looks in public.
  9. l_l_a New Member

    Hockey has a good point. I think the question should be rephrased as "which do you enjoy more - luring or free-shaping"

    because I do click when I'm luring too...
  10. Jean Cote Administrator

    I can see how it can be confusing. Formally, clicker training is more of an off touch approach where you shape the behaviors.
  11. storm22 Experienced Member

    i lure more to begin with then reinforce with the clicker storm likes the clicker as its faster and he loves fast sometime he just takes the 'click' as a reward
  12. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I suppose that if I had to favour either, I would favour luring. I do use clicker training but I really do phase the clicker out as quickly as possible from each behaviour. Sometimes after the first training session even. (Though there are some behaviours where I've felt it beneficial to retain it for weeks, such as when I was teaching door manners.)

    I think we should be encouraged to talk to our dogs more, not less. When I see the various videos of clicker training sessions, I'm physically willing people to just make a sound. They're so quiet! I don't think that either Ellie or I could enjoy such quiet training sessions.

    I think I'm going to start a campaign for people to get more lively in their training sessions! :) Hmm, I need a catchphrase....
  13. dat123 Experienced Member

    I defeniatly prefer shaping ( or clicker training, as mentioned ), to see the dog using it's own brain to think, act and evaluate by itself, without words commands or hand signals is very rewarding and stimulates the dogs mind. I do use luring a lot as well, because it's simply unavoidable in teaching some moves, but generally the dog is just following the food, not really thinking about what it's doing.
    With both methodes I will use the clicker as the reinforcer.
    A great book to read, if you haven't seen it before is " Shaping Success" by Susan Garrett, a highly respected dog trainer with major results in agility and other dog activities. She talks about 'classical' training, 'operant ' training, counter-conditioning, reinforcers, etc, etc, etc
    Yes, gets a bit deep, but very interesting. I had the pleasure of meeting Susan and attending one of her training clinics, when she visited Australia last year, and learnt a lot.
    My vote is for shaping.:dogtongue2:
  14. luna may New Member

    I agree!
    Really, the first time I saw a clicker-training vid I thought the guy was mute! :dogblink:
    Then, after passing over the possibility that all dog trainers are mute, or have a cold, or don't remember their dog's name, or are wanted criminals who love trainning their dogs but can't risk being identified on the web because of all the surfing cops out there ;) (actually, are any of you cops? Just out curiosity... :rolleyes: [No-I'm-not-an-evil-runaway-bad-guy-what-on-earth-gives-you-that-idea??? I'm just a nice person! Really!!!]) I concluded that that's how it's supposed to be. No thanks. Stop talking to Kesem? Who else will listen to all the stupid things I have to say 24\7? Eurgh.
    Just my oppinion, though :)

    I'll join, CM! Here's my plan of action:
    *Whips an enormous sign out of nowhere* "Hey, you,you talk to your dog, right?"
    "I... Uh..." *Whacks guy on head* "Do you or don't you???" *waves sign meancingly* "But I..." "Speak up!!! I don't have time for this, I'm here on CM's orders and I have 3,689,764,132,031,684,661 more people to annoy!!!" "CM, that famous guy who tried to take over the world?" "Back to you!!! Talk already!!! Yes or no???" "Well, not really... But-" "WHAT???!!!!" *Dashes forwards with the sign high up in the air, Kawabunga-style, about to squash the guys head* "Any last words?"
    "But that's 'cause I don't have a dog!!!" "Then buy one and talk to him for all I care!"
    "Okay, okay, do you promise not to hit me????" *One last whack* "OK, I'm done. There you go. sign here, please.:rules:" *lifts list* *Guy signs with trembling hand and bump on head* "Thank you, and have a pleasant rest of the day! :rolleyes:"
    *Guy faints far, far away in the distance (or at least as far as his hysteric running could get him)*
  15. luna may New Member

    You could use mine if you like (points up :rolleyes:)
    Want it? It's free ;) (appart from the unfurtunate guy who'll probably have to pay for a check-up at the local clinic)
  16. CollieMan Experienced Member

    It's erm, well, er, not the shortest or punchiest of catchphrases I've ever witnessed. :)
  17. emmasmamma Guest

    Even if Kesem were to go deaf, we at the DTA would listen to you just so we could get our laugh for the day!:ROFLMAO:
  18. l_l_a New Member

    How this for catchphrases: "Did you say something??" Or

    "Your dog isn't a piece of wood, you shouldn't be either!"

    Or "Zzzzzz.....I'm sorry, were you training me?"


    I have to admit I actually, deliberately, try to say as little as possible and as softly as possible to my dog when we are training! I find it actually makes him more attentive and focused on me. Or rather, I like giving him cues in a natural conversational tone and manner rather than "pepping" my voice and demeanor up. maybe it's because he's naturally bouncy and eager already so I don't need him any more bouncy when we're training than he already is! (Then during an 'emergency' when my voice and body language gets more lively it really gets his attention because it's so uncharacteristic!) I do think that training sessions should always be motivating for the dogs. Otherwise, it's boring for them. but that said, I don't think that motivating the dog is the same thing as the trainer being lively during a training session. it certainly can be, but not necessarily.
  19. luna may New Member

    Hehe you people give me the joy of the day :doglaugh:
  20. luna may New Member

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