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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by leema, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. leema New Member

    What do you do when you miss an opportunity to click or you click something you shouldn't have?

    When I miss a click, I will normally just chuck food on the floor without a click. If the dog's clever, she might work out what the food is for. If not, she's just got a free feed. :p

    When I click something I shouldn't have, I will lure the dog with food to do what I should've clicked... This way, the food is presented to them straight away (as a lure), but then they are actually being rewarded in the correct position. They feel like they get fed straight away, and being fed in position is very strong, too (as strong as a click I would say!).

  2. nereis Well-Known Member

    When I miss a click, I just praise, cuddle, give food, whatever. I hate myself for it but I just try and repeat the exercise and click at the right time. Or if I miss clicking something because I physically don't have the clicker, I use my clicker word instead, which is 'Yes'.

    When I click my accident, I just cut my losses and praise anyway. I'd rather have a dog that knew the click always means reward and then put more effort into clicking the right thing.
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yes I agree! When you miss a click you can praise the dog. Sometime they'll clue in although it might not be exactly precise. :)

    But when I click the wrong thing, or too late, I always give my dog a treat anyways. I believe the dog will loose interest in the clicker if he's not reinforced after being clicked.

  4. sammy1 New Member

    Hi...I'm new here. If you miss a click or click the wrong thing you probably shoulod not reinforce as it willl be compounding the mistake. Don't worry about diminishing the value of the clicker as it is can get stronger with a variable shedule of reinforcement.
  5. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I always give her a treat after the click, even if I click at the wrong time. I can't blaim her for my mistake. Or if I don't give her a treat, I just give her a huuuuuuuuuuuge praise. :)

    And if I miss the click, i just simply praise her.
  6. fickla Experienced Member

    Sammy1 or anyone,
    Wouldn't not treating your dog after each click lesson the "power" of the clicker? From my
    understanding a variable reinforcment schedule is what you can put Behaviors (operant conditioning) on to strengthen them, but the clicker is an association (classical conditioning) that you want to remain strong. Now I know dogs are very forgiving, but in theory not treating your dog after each click would lesson the association between click and treat.

    And to answer the original question... If I miss a click I still try to say the word "yes" or at least praise my dog! If I'm really late I just hang my head in shame :p

  7. sammy1 New Member

    Hi fickla- it seems counterintuitive, but not clicking and treating behavior at times will only strengthen behavior. A variable schedule of reinforcement will keep your dog on his toes and you will not become predictable with what you reinforce. The clicker is truly an operant tool, there may be some classical conditioning going on too, but that is mainly a physiological response to the sound of the click and the constant pairing with food. The clicker or any event marker that you use will not get weaker if it is not reinforced from time to time. Another point to bring up is that sometimes. we just have a bad click or we clicked the wrong behavior. Try not to compound a mistake by making another one and feel obliged to reward just because you clicked. Count to 4 or 5 in your head and continue with your training session. You can also think of the variable schedule like a gambler would a slot machine. They don't win all the time but the reward is out there, so they continue to try. The winning from time to time actually strengthens the behavior of staying to play. The clicker or any event marker when trained properly is such a strong conditioned reinforcer that a few clicks here and there that go unrewarded will not have much of an effect of the overall strength of your marker. Sorry for rambling
  8. leema New Member

    Behaviours will get stronger if they are rewarded on a variable schedule.

    The clicker is a marker. What behaviour would get stronger if it is variably rewarded?
  9. sammy1 New Member

    Really any behavior will get stronger on a variable schedule. Sometimes without the reward, you can get a more exuberant response if asked for again. Make sure the behavior is in the maintenance phase before you go to a variable schedule and don't become predictable in how you are reinforcing.
  10. calichis New Member

    Clicker word - I read above that someone uses the clicker word yes, and will use this if they miss the click. Do you say "yes" everytime you click as well to reinforce that they go together? I am new - awaiting my clicker stuff in the mail on monday! Very excited to start!
  11. leema New Member

    Nope, I have "yes" days and clicker days. :) I can shape behaviour using a yes, but it's easier to click. Both my dogs learnt "yes" before clicks somehow...

    Like a click, a "yes" always has good things after it. Dogs can learn that there are two signs that good things will come! :)

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