What's your favourite trick?


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I don't think I have a favourite (although Milo's heavily into shy at the moment). I jsut get a kick out of showing other people what he can do.

In practical terms my two useful ones are 'Wash Paws' - he stands in a large plastic tray of water when we come back from a particularly muddy walk and 'Dry Paws' - effectively giving paw to dry them with a towel - OK with his front feet - haven't mastered back ones properly yet!!!



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This is my favourite trick because i only taught it yesterday



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Bailey, being a Service Dog, has just a ton of what some people call tricks that are actually tasks she performs for us ... but the things she does that really endear her to others are our favourties ... when we originally got her it was strictly for companionship ... it was later decided to also train her for service work ... and our whole purpose for getting into obedience and trick training was so that other individual would enjoy her presence as much as we do. We wanted a well mannered dog that would occasionally entertain ... what we ended up with has been way beyond all of our expectations. Our favourite trick is usually what we're training her to do at the moment so right now our favourite trick is ... for "shy dog" ... the paw across the nose ... it's too adorable. What other people seem to be totally taken with though is " bye-bye " and she waves bye when we're leaving. We do therapy visitation as well and both the kids she visits and the residents at the nursing homes love it when she waves bye-bye.

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Favorite Tricks

My favorite trick that Storm does is the one where I ask "Are you a Psycho?" and she shakes her head (which I had to teach by blowing in her ear). She used to know one where I would say "Be a blonde" and she would toss her head back and over her shoulder as though she were tossing her hair. It was cute but when I taught her the psycho trick it seems she "unlearned" it. Storm doesn't seem capable of learning two tricks that use the same body part. :) :dogbiggrin: